Friday, May 14, 2010

Wildlife..and other stuff


 Happy Birthday to my handsome, manly, man.  I  you!  I appreciate you.  I thank God for you.  I pray this year brings many blessings your way.

Happy Birthday!




Late October B

blog XI '09 131  


In the wildlife side of this post... the HUGE spider that was camping in our bathroom.  It totally freaked me out.    Good thing I never saw it jump!

May ' 10 035

That is my 6 foot 1 inch son's hand in the picture so you get an idea how big that spider is!

May ' 10 036



May ' 10 037  

My silly dog tore his paw sometime yesterday.  He got four stitches and some good pain killers.  (This is his third set of stitches!)  

May ' 10 039

All that excitement from a house in the suburbs!!


September '09 032

We are thankful for Banjo's doctor who is also our good friend, Sharon.  She is a special lady!




  1. LOL-Banjo is looking like...AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! Bless his heart. I hopeit is better.Happy Birthday Manly Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Your sons fingers look as skinny and long as that spiders legs!!! I actually sat in the tub the other day and watched a spider spin its web while I soaked. When I got up, I took it outside. It was a wolf spider-I reckon. Very pretty! And entertaining while I soaked!! LOL I dont mind spiders.

  2. Eww - I am with you, do not like spiders.  This afternoon Matt and I were on the front porch and a huge bee kept flying at Matt who was at this point sobbing.  We both had bare feet so I ended up smashing him with a sign I had carved with our name on it.  We had a fly swatter out there but "someone" dropped it in through the boards on the porch.  Happy Birthday to your "manly man".  Every time I see one of his old pictures, I am still surprised how much #1 son likes hubby used to! 

  3. whoa that spider is nasty!!!! ACK!!! I would be screaming and standing on tables over that one! poor puppy!!!!Happy B-day to your handsome hubby! ;) Enjoy your weekend !

  4. Awww, poor doggie! Bless his heart. Prayin' he heals quickly!Happy Birthday to your Manly Man! Hope he had a wonderful birthday!I. do. not. like. spiders.   <<>>