Sunday, January 17, 2010

Did You Know

I had some information I wanted to share.  I found all this while doing research for a devotion.  My devotion ended up taking a different turn.  I wanted to share what I found with you anyway!  ((All research from the internet))

Did you know?


Recent conversations in our home lately have been on how valuable time is.  Time spent with the Lord, on yourself, for others and for your employer.   How much time do we spend in mindless distraction, impeding our service for others? 


I am a witness to it everywhere:


The car ahead of me on the road that swerves in and out of their lane and cannot maintain their speed.


The car in front of me who sits through the whole green light not moving. 


The car accident pulled to the side of the road.


The stock boy at the store, standing with his hands in front of him staring at the small object in his hands glancing around to see if he is spotted by the boss while maintaing his finger flying pace on the small object in his hands.


The store cashier who takes  precious seconds of my time to glance at the small object in her pocket before serving me.


Half the college math class is using that small object during class time.


The folks at church who repeatedly glance at a small object on the pew next to them and even furiously tap on said small object several times during the preaching service at church.


The man who spends 45 minutes in rush hour traffic to come home, not say a word upon arrival at said home, but stand in the middle of the room fixated on the small object he holds in his hand until business is complete and family is greeted, sometimes 30 minutes after his arrival home.


We live in a faced paced world, a world full of technology.  Fast food, drive through, drive up ATM’s, 24 hour business, GPS, internet, cell phone, portable DVD, cable t.v. instant messaging, blackberries, I phones, on star, blogs, facebook, video chatting, reformers club, soulwinning club, men’s club, women’s club, children’s club, discipleship club, hospitality club, preteen club, teen club, children’s club, dance class, spin class, swim lessons, ballet lessons, piano lessons, ti kwan do lesson, aerobics class, football, basketball, softball, track, cricket golf, tennis, wrestling, summer camp, winter camp, couples retreats…whew…


Did you know?

70 % of Americans send at least one text a day

73% of cell phone users admit to using their phone while driving

38 % of cell phone owner think it’s okay to use their phone while on the toilet

(In 2007) 203,000 Americans had a cell phone

75 billion text message are sent a day

Americans average 13 hours a month on a cell phone

47% of teens admit they are able to text with their eyes closed

2 out of 3 cell phone users use their phones as a flashlight

24% of teens sleep with their phone

1,742 is the average of texts sent a month among the 13-17 year olds

teens average 80 sent text messages a day

71% of American teens own a cell phone

25% of police reported crashes are a result of driving while distracted

37% is the amount that cell phones reduce brain activity needed for driving

187,000 text in one month is the world record

74% of Americans use the internet

½ of all American homes with computers are wired for high speed

3 hours a day average time spent on line

12 ½ hours spent on line a week

96 channels of cable is the national average

99% of American household’s posses a television

2.4 is the average amount of televisions in the average American home

66% of Americans eat dinner around the television

6 million movies are rented everyday

3 million items are checked out from the library every day

7 hours a day is the average a television is on in the typical American home

70% of daycare centers report they use television during a typical day

92% of American households posess a bible

in 2000, 59% of those with a bible read their bible, occasionally

37% of those with a bible read their bible once a week

1 in 7 Americans actually STUDY their bible

3.5 minutes a day is the amount of time parents spend in meaningful conversation with their children

54% of 4-6 year olds, prefer to watch t.v. rather than spend time with their fathers.


  1. Very interesting.  Will and I are amazed every week at how many people are checking or texting during the service.  You would think that people could refain for the short time we are in church.  We have a sign in the lobby at chuch that says please turn off your cell before entering church.  Will said leaving his in the car seems like a great idea.  I agree.  Thanks for sharing all this, some of it surprised me, some didn't.

  2. Great statistics!  I think I'm going to have to read those off in our Tuesday night bible study.

  3. Wow, some of those are pretty sobering and very sad.

  4. oh, sorry, I forgot to ask it above, are you going to share your devotion when it's done?

  5. I keep my cell on vibrate in my purse at church; with my dad having problems with falling and his heart, I need to be within reach at all times! I do mind my manners as far as the cell phone goes and always pray for those who might be carelessly using theirs! Some people just don't get it!

  6. eye opener, but I'm not the least bit surpised.  I long for the "good old days", when the only time you talked to someone you weren't with, was a home when the telephone rang!  Blessings to you for a wonderful week.

  7. @jessnboyz - It will be on my sisters blog as a guest post sometime soon!

  8. Unless we spend time with the Father, the time spent elsewhere is simply invaluable, or so it is in my thoughts.

  9. Thanks for the reminder once again that time is such a precious gift and we should use it wisely...after all we only have one life to live and we are accountable for how we live it!

  10. Hey Beth, are you going to post the 'twinkie cake' recipe.  Does it taste like twinkies?