Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Menu Monday...On Tuesday

Monday~  Mexican Chicken Soup with Fritos, sour cream and green onions ((didn't have time to make corn bread...: ))

Tuesday~  Short Ribs with brown Rice, cooked carrots, layered green salad.

Wednesday~  Sour Cream Mennonite Chicken, Cheesey Noodle Casserole, Broccoli with Almonds, Fruit

Thursday~  Beef Tips, Egg Noodles, Green beans, Ambrosia Salad

Friday~ Hawaiian Chicken, Scalloped Potatoes,  Peas, fruit or salad.

Saturday~  Barbecue Meatballs, Sweet potato fries, Garlic snow peas, fruit

Sunday~  Roasted Chicken, Mashed potatoes, gravy, baby bok choy, spaghetti squash, fruit

Desserts~  Cherry Cheesecake, Earthquake Cake, Twinkie Cake (for ladies fellowship Saturday.)

**Making enough of all meals this week to take to the Bachelors.  Bachelor David is having hernia surgery tomorrow and will be recovering for a while.  Pray for us as we help them as best as we can.**

Pray also for another friend from church, Brenda.  She is having surgery Friday (Jan 22nd) at a hostpital in NYC to remove a mass near her lung.  She just lost her husband to cancer and has 4 children at home still. (aged 13-21)  Doctors are not sure if the mass is cancer yet or not.  She is deaf and a challenge for me to communicate with as I know only about 5 words in sign language!  We had a good visit with her yesterday. 

Not sure how much posting will be done this week.  Pray for me as well.  It is a tad stressful helping the bachelors.

Have a great week!


  1. Menu looks great.  Will definitely pray, I am thinking while it is stressful for you, it is definitely a blessing to them. 

  2. Will be praying for your friends & keeping you in my prayers as well as you have a busy week ahead. (Love the yummy meals you have planned!)

  3. You are a blessing!   I was just telling hubby how thankful I am for a special friend.  There is a long list of all you've done to help me out while he was underway, encouragment to me as I have felt overwhelmed many times, all the cooking lessons (and game nights...I miss hanging out with you).  I think of all the many moves we as mililtary wives make and the uncertainty of each move.  You and your hubby have touched so many lives throughout your years of service.  I know that God placed your in my life for a reason.  Praying for you this week--I'm glad the bachelors have a loving family helping them.

  4. What is Hawaiian chicken?  Everything sounds so yummy!! 

  5. @Thebestthings - Boneless, skinless chicken breasts, enough for one a piece for the family (maybe a leftover.)  1/2 bottle RUSSIAN salad dressing, 1/2 jar orange marmalade, 1 envelope dry onion soup mix.  Stir sauce together pour over chicken.  Bake at 350 degrees about 35-40 minutes.  This is one of our favorites.  You could also, chunk the chicken up and also use other cuts of chicken such as thigh meat.

  6. Yummy!..I am taking sign language for my forein language! Well I am going to.. I know enough to have a small conversation with someone..they would have to sign slowly though!

  7. Sending prayers of comfort and healing for your friend Brenda.  Sending prayers for calmness, strength and comfort your way.What time did you say dinner is?  Sounds yummy:)

  8. @betheelou - Oh yummy!!!  I am going to try that.  I love reading your menu, it gives me so many yummy ideas.  Thanks for posting them!

  9. You are one neat lady! I am studying to share with our youth girls (four ladies dividing one evening) the importance of using our spiritual gift/gifts...being Jesus' hands and feet to others. You do that so well! ~Blessings