Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's Thursday!

It's Thursday!

Outside My Window~  Sunny.
I am Praying~  Haiti, the bachelors, my friend Brenda, church and our family

I am Creating~  Nothing.  But I am thinking that I need to work some more watches and I'd like to do a couple painting projects.

From the Kitchen~  Beef Tips,  Egg Noodles, fruit salad, green beans

Beside my bed~ Clive Cussler's  The Wrecker 

This is a bit more risque than some of the books, but an enjoyable read.

 From the school room~  A slow week.  Teacher Mom is pretty busy.  But we worked on it yesterday.  Short and long vowel sounds and reading practice.  He is coming a long really well in reading!  I am so proud.

I am wearing~  Jeans and a black long sleeved tee, my white tennis shoes.  Comfortable and warm

Around the house~  Bachelor David is snoozing on the couch in front of Emeril.  We brought him home with us yesterday for a bit of rest after his surgery.  He is pretty sore today.  I am trying to keep him comfortable.  Bachelor Mickey (aged 79) is still at his home.  We've got our eyes on him as well.  Took him food and are walking one of the dogs for him.  We'll see how David is doing this afternoon

((Bachelor David))

A few plans for the rest of the week~  Birthday boys big day is Monday.  I am hoping my husband will be able to take Monday and Tuesday off and we can go to that indoor water park for a celebration!  I have a ladies meeting Saturday afternoon that I promised to make a dessert for.

  I am sharing~  Not too much to share.  Just keep praying for us.  The Lord is taking care of things nicely with what is going on around us.


  1. Yeah for Thursday posts! I enjoyed it, Prayers~

  2. It's funny how when you read about someone you picture them in your mind. I pictured your bachelors as military or college men in their early 20s. I guess that's what I think of when someone says bachelors! Thought that was kinda funny....Have a good day!

  3. I hope you'll be able to go to the waterpark, too.  Can't believe he'll be 7--how does that happen.  These boys are getting too big.On your recommendation I ordered Rosemary & Thyme from netflix and I really like it. 

  4. Happy Thursday! It sounds like you are well and God is touching your heart, taking care of things!

  5. Yummo!  Beef & Noodles is my favorite comfort food ever!  I agree, with thecopswife, it never occured that the bachelors weren't young.  So glad you can be a blessing in their lives.  Have a great time at the waterpark.  It's sure to be a birthday he'll remember :)

  6. Sending prayers your way, for you and your family and for all whose lives you touch.