Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's Thursday!

(A present from my Manly Man...fresh baked, whole grain sourdough bread.   From a market by where he works.  My it was good.  We'll be eating the rest tonight with dinner.)

Outside My Window~ SNOW...but it's okay...makes everything seem so much brighter.  I am just not looking forward to the bitter cold we're expecting the next few days.  I am a warm weather girl!
I am Praying~  For the bachelors.  Many decisions to be made there.  Thankfully it's not in our hands, so I get to pray about it instead.  Bachelor David ended up with us for two nights last week and went  back home last Friday.  By Sunday his routine was pretty much back to normal. Praying  for wisdom.  For church.  For family.  For Haiti.

I am Creating~  Getting a list going in my head. #1- I have a kitchen wall that needs primed and painted white.  It has some ugly stains on it that wont wipe away.

 #2-  I have some chipped paint that needs touched up down here in the family room.  It's bugging me.


There was a laundry accident a few weeks ago.  Someone (who will remain nameless to protect his identity...) Washed Toyota parts in the the laundry room deep sink and left a washcloth in the sink.  The washer drains into the deep ran a whole load and dumped all the water on the floor.  The water runs right under the wall and stays on the bathroom floor.  The carpet finally dried, after about 5 days...and had weird looking mildew (?) forming on top.  I cut the carpet out of the bathroom (who decided to do that anyway?  Carpeting around toilets is a BAD thing)  and now I need to #3- Purchase some of those peel and stick floor tiles and hide the glue reside from the carpet.

#4- Bachelor David has a break from work for the next 3 weeks while he continues to heal from his surgery.  He wants to clean out a room at his place.  I volunteered to help him organize it...maybe next week.

From the Kitchen~  No menu this week.  Missing it?  We've enjoyed our Cracker Barrel breakfast, pizza dinner and even Chinese this week!  Last night I cooked Alfredo Penne pasta with shrimp and mushrooms and served green salad and garlic bread.  Tonight will be Chicken and Apple Sausages with Hashbrown casserole, green beans and fried apples.

Beside my bed~ I am reading Anne Perry.  It's decent mystery reading.  Some material may not be appropriate for all readers.
From the school room~  Silent "E",  Blends, Dimes,  Reading

I am wearing~  PJ's...but will have on a denim skirt and long sleeve shirt soon.

Around the house~   Admiring my new rug set.  It was on sale.  I bought it because I can't stand how dirty the carpet looks and I  just cleaned it a few  months back.  So thank you JC Penny for making my house look cleaner.  Now I'd like a couple throw pillows and some more fake greens to place around the room.

A few plans for the rest of the week~  Company is coming over Saturday afternoon for a fried chicken and collard greens dinner.  Yes...I will be taking pictures.  This young couple hasn't been over since summer.  I am looking forward to their visit...and the food!

I am sharing~ 

Shadow the cat thinks she is helping Mom finish blogging today.  This intent look means "Hurry up will ya and get my chow!"


  1. LOL love your cat picture! Your new rugs are pretty! What lesson# is little guy in?

  2. making plans for carpet removal AND addition. When you walk in to my front door-CARPET. Right where you dont need it. It is also stained BAD! Of ocurse, when we bought this, the living room was at the front door, so its only natural. Now its a dining room, so I need the carpet out. But my den/living room that we added a couple of years ago, NEEDS carpet. Your rug looks great-even better that it was on sale!! The cat is beautiful! And..I know that look.....I get it a lot!

  3. You cat is too cute!!!!I love your new rug too, it looks great! Happy Thursday to you!~ ;)

  4. What a lovely home you have, even with the projects you have going on.  Love the photo of the sweet little kitty trying to help you blog.

  5. Pretty rug!!  I love all the colors, reminds me of the tropics.Are you going to have a snow day?  hee hee