Thursday, February 24, 2011

~~It's Thursday!~~

Outside my window...
  Outside my window, it's about 40 degrees.  Looks like rain is coming for the weekend.

I am thinking about spring.  I am excited to be able to get out and work in the yard and burn sticks in my fire pit!!

I am hearing...  I am hearing National Geographic channel, #2 is watching a show on weapons.  He does LOVE all things manly.

I am hoping...  Maybe I am hoping to win the lottery?  No. . .I don't play.  But I am always hoping and dreaming.

And before you think I married a rich man. . .I'd never pay that much for a rig, unless HE bats his pretty eyes at me and tells me he wants to fix up a Toyota

From the learning rooms...  School on the bed yesterday.  Took a spelling test and missed two, one because he formed a letter wrong.  Starting to fill in the hands of clocks for other times besides half hour.  I need to spend a day reviewing weight, he doesn't grab the concept of ounces/pounds.  He read aloud to us yesterday and did very well!!

  I am thankful for...  God's provision for our lives.  For my growth spiritually during our church search.  For the safety of #1 son at boot camp.  Thankful for friends and family.

From the kitchen...  I am going on a date with Alison and her daughters this afternoon to a tea room for tea.  She wants me to try a pasty.  I'll post pics later!

I am wearing...  White tank, purple cardigan, jeans and my charcoal boots

  I am reading...   I am still reading the In A Heartbeat book but haven't progressed any farther yet.  I am reading a new author but not sure I approve 100% of the authors writing style.  Her characters omitted periodic curse words and are a bit wild.  Bookmarked to Die by Jo Dereske.

Bookmarked to Die by Jo Dereske

I am  praying...   Praying for personal peace, wisdom, growth,desires of my heart, health and safety for #1 son. 

  I am creating...  Re-working and adding and subtracting things form my blog the last few days.  I am going to clean out #1 sons car tomorrow.  We need to plan our trip south to attend his graduation ceremony from boot camp on March 11th.

Some of my favorite things...   Looking at magazines at the bookstore. (p.s. that is not me!)

A few plans for the rest of the week...  Tea with the girls tonight.  Pics to follow.  My husband has call center duty for 5 days, starting Saturday.  He may take tomorrow off work.  Thinking about going to a new church on Sunday.  That's all...

Something to share...  Still looking at pictures of dresses and thinking about decorating.






I love the farmhouse style kitchens.  I love stainless steel.  I am really loving the look of black cabinets and granite countertops too.  I love wood floors in the kitchen.  I've always loved empty space ABOVE cabinets to put decorations.  My tin collection looks great in that upper space!!

Contemporary Design Kitchen

I love the two tone colors of the following picture.  Ahhh...wish I had my own place!!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. The tea sounds divine!!  And the kitchens are great too.  My favorite is the white one.Love the purple dresses.  I like the second one for your sister and the third one is all you.  And it would be flattering too.  : )Love you.

  2. @onehappymomma - those are Nordstrom if your interested.  Expensive!!

  3. Oh, you are so stinkin' cute! Have fun at your Tea! And oh, I wish (because you wish) you had your own place, too! For me, it was exciting when our landlady let us buy this little old house from her! Then, much later, God provided the funds for us to add on our kitchen and litlle dining area. We are SO thankful. I love having people over and I encourage them to make themselves at home. It's a very comfy, inviting haven, which is exactly what I always dreamed of doing; not the exact kitchen I wanted, but it really is nice! If you lived around here, I'd be calling you to come hang out, along with your little guy!  ( 8

  4. Dress #3 is my favorite.  I also like the white kitchen cupboards with the beadboard doors.  I would love the truck!