Thursday, February 3, 2011

~~It's Thursday~~

For Today...

Outside my window...  It's very cold.  Other parts of the country are colder. 

(our giant icicle- over 4 feet long!)

I am thinking... I am thinking I am envious of you more southern ladies who have had a chance to do yard work (April Jo .)  I am remembering it's strawberry season in California. . . big sigh.  I am remembering  the moderate 70 degree southern California days.  I am thinking that a lot of things will be happening this year, oh my!  

From the learning rooms... Clock review, measuring review,  -ed- ing,   Looking at finishing up our school year April 30th,  I am going to start looking at other curriculum for next year.  Do any of you have any good curriculum recommendations for me?

I am thankful for... That God continually meets our needs over and above what we need, BEFORE we even ask for anything.  I am thankful for the love of my husband.  I am rejoicing that I enjoy the company of my children and am thankful for #2 son keeping me company as our nest has grown smaller.

From the kitchen... We enjoyed more leftovers from the kitchen last night.  #1 son sure was good at keeping the leftovers eaten for me.  And I am trying to cook smaller meals   Tonight- Cornish Game Hen dinner.  I am going to make chocolate peanut butter cookies after school this morning as well.

I am wearing... It's late in the morning.  I am still motivating myself to get going.  I am in my fuzzy purple robe with my wild morning hair.

I am reading... I ordered the Sean and Leanne Touhy book, "In A Heartbeat"  it should arrive today.  I loved their story, and the movie.  I believe the Lord has really blessed their lives because of how they give of themselves.

I am hoping and praying... Hoping and praying for so many things.  Family, safety, desires of my heart, my husband, church searching, my children, spiritual growth, that I may be a blessing to others.

I am creating... Still working on that picture project, I really just need to place an order then pay for them, then get to work on photo albums.   I did a tiny bit of decorating in Aaron's room.  All the decor, bedding and furniture I have given to him so that room may be empty in the next few months anyway.  I am not sure how I will replace what he takes with him.


I am hearing... Heaters running!  Wind chimes sounding.  A child thumping around.

Around the house... Everything is fairly clean!  All the Christmas decorations have been put in the attic.  I had been short one storage box.  Still an unfinished car (or two) and car parts laying around.  Aaron's Mazda is coming back together.  More parts are on their way for that as well.I am getting spring fever.  I want to re-arrange furniture but not sure how I could do that.  I want to go work in my yard.  I wonder how my 'garden' will do this year?

One of my favorite things... Missing the west coast and everything about it.  To me, it is one of my favorite things.


(palm trees, eucalyptus, pepper trees, mountains, lakes, logging roads, rainy winters, the coast, the valley, eastern Oregon, Deschutes river, lava flow, old friends, good churches)

A few plans for the rest of the week... School at the library tomorrow, we need the change in routine.  Medieval Times with friends on Saturday.  A new church to try on Sunday.

Something to share...

I am wishing it was warm enough outside for this...

Have a great weekend!!


  1. You have some friends in SoCal, ya know! Come on out and visit. It's GORGEOUS! A bit windy and a little cool the past couple of days, but still gorgeous.

  2. WOW!!!!  That icycle is AMAZING!!!!! :)  & The blind side was one of my favorite movies ever!

  3. Another CA fav...avocados!!  Wish you could be here to enjoy our weather with us.  I had thought about taking the boys to the beach and have a picnic.  I like to see the waves crash on the rocks and see the surfers.  I told Tim that I feel like we're on a 4 year vacation.  A little over a year and a half left, who knows where we'll end up next.I've been thinking about curric. too.  I was thinking about My Fathers World for next year, but I'm not sure how it will be with Trevor starting K in the fall.  Abeka was a bit overwhelming for Logan--too may worksheets and me thinking I had to follow the lesson plan to a t.  I'll be interested to see what other people rec.  I'll check back to see other comments later.Sending hugs!

  4. Us southern gals may have had a FEW warm days, but trust me, its COLD now!!!!!!!!! Its supposed to warm up again, then cool down again and they "PREDICT" that that should be our last real cold snap.I HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!Jakes room, I'm undecided. He still comes in from time to time, so I dont think I am going to be able to do much with it. I do need an extra bed frame. The mattress is on the floor!

  5. Do let us know what you think of the book.  I'm curious to read it.  All that snow will make the ground nice and moist for your garden in the Spring.  :)

  6. homeschooling- do you like something more "formal" or relaxed?

  7. Well certainly are an ambitious little girl.  It is very sunny here, and warming up a bit, still very cold at night.  I have been faithful to my weight on the Lord class that meets 3 days a week.  I have slowly lost almost 4 pds and a few inches around my middle.  Praising God for taking my emotional eating away and helping me to be faithful to eating less.  I will be writing to Aaron soon.  I had to go out today to get on a computer, our wireless service is slow to non existent yesterday and today.  One of our church young men is driving from New York back to Oregon this weekend, his name is Kevin Miller, he needs our prayers for travel mercy and protection in the bad weather.  I love you all, glad birthday boy got his new toys.  I am sending juicy kisses and hugs with love to you all.  Momeeee

  8. Curriculum:  My Father's World.You have to supplement with English and Math but everything else is covered.  And it's fun!  The lesson plans are already prepared and it's easy to stay on track.  If you're seriously interested in it let me know.Love you.

  9. @jessnboyz - Were having the same issues.  A Beka is too structured.  It is meant for an 7 hour school day.  Too much busy work.  When Aaron was small I used Landmark Baptist.

  10. @victoriantomboy - I'm willing to investigate lots of stuff.  I am just not 100 % satisfied with A Beka.

  11. I used Abeka thru elementary with Jake. But I started around 4th grade. Which is a HARD curriculum for this grade... its VERY MEATY.I was the type who liked to throw my stuff together. Until high school. I went with Bob Jones on high school with both boys. Still supplemented tho. Brett.... I used Bob Jones elementary. I really liked it. But again, I always supplemented. I was never happy with just "what I got!"One book I LOVED was the Charlotte Mason style book written by Karen Andreola . This book has a neat way of helping your children WANT to learn.A Charlotte Mason Companion: Personal Reflections on the Gentle Art of Learning I gleaned info from it and others such as Ambleside Online- their line up of stuff like Shakespeare, art, music, etc is WONDERFUL. Also really enjoyed The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home by Susan Wise BauerI also loved Unit studies. Things like Mystrey of History. And Considering Gods Creation, Sixth Edition for science. Both of these are hands on.English, I liked Learning Language Arts thru Literature.Every home is different. Every child is different. I found my boys both very different in their schooling/study skills. WEIRD!Do you get a catalog from Thats a good place to start.And..........its been a while!! Ive forgotten half of what I used for elementary!!!

  12. What an icicle! Yikes! Love the pic of the fire! I'd love to have a fire pit. I would fire it up and cook over it. I have a cousin in the bay area and I keep threatening to move in with her until summer hits! LOL Love you, dear friend! Blessings!