Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Xanga Mainpage

After continually seeing your comments about the trashy xanga mainpage I wrote them today.  It is not the first time I have done this.  I'm not sure if xanga leaders pay attention.  I peeked at the main page today after someone else posted about it,  and I was again reminded why it digusts me to go there.  If it is not explicit pictures it is explicit wording highlighting someones blog page.  ENOUGH XANGA!!  Why can't we have a "G" rated xanga homepage and "G" rated leads into someone's TOP BLOG.  I know that mainpage has driven many people to blog elsewhere and has driven many of my friends to only read my blog and not comment for fear where they will be led.

I am able to avoid the xanga mainpage when logging into my account by first pulling up my own main page and then clicking in the right hand corner where it says 'sign in.' That takes me to a generic sign in page with no pictures and then takes me my sight.  I don't sign off my page just 'X' out of the browsing session when I am through.

Today I commented on the pornographic and explicit xanga homepage here~

www.xanga.com/ideas   (search for betheelou under 'new ideas')


www.help.xanga.com/about/contact   (Customer Service/category- OTHER)


and I messaged xanga Natalia (who has tried to help me on other xanga issues in the past)

Hope this helps them change that xanga homepage!!


  1. Yes!!!! I agree!!! They really need to change this, it's awful! Everyone, please go here and VOTE for this!!!!

  2. I don't go there as I stay logged in and when I have to sign in it is a blank page with sign in.  For that I am grateful.  Sorry to hear we are losing LouAnn vecause of this.    I did vote on the Xanga page.  Thanks for doing that!

  3. I stay logged in.  The xanga main page is terrible.  I'm getting tired of loosing friends because their are moving their blog elsewhere.  I also wonder if people who follow my blog have to deal with the trash. 

  4. YES. Tired of it. How come they don't know that we aren't interested in such things? They use cookies to analyze our usage; why not apply it here? It's gotten ridiculous.

  5. Another option is to use a reader (like google reader, for example) to subscribe to the feeds from Xanga blogs, as well as any other blogs or web pages you follow. No need to see any of the disgusting stuff on the Xanga main page, just read from the feed reader itself, or use the link there to click over to the specific blog or site you want to see. 

  6. @copperswife - Great advice thanks.  You could also just read off the subscriptions page I just noticed. 

  7. Please post more of this. I largely enjoyed it.