Thursday, February 17, 2011

~~It's Thursday!~~

Outside my window...  It's is beautiful outside right now.  58 degrees and gorgeous.  I have spring fever very badly.  I can't work in the yard, too muddy still.  I can't even purchase bedding plants until May!!  I am thinking about how much work I want to do this year.  I will not do any next spring as we will be transferring and I will have a "new" yard.  If it unthaws, I may try to fire up the fire pit tomorrow.

I am hearing...   Today was library day and we brought home a FULL 90 minute DVD of the SMURFS!!  I have hardly heard a peep out of #2 son for over an hour now!!  Makes me remember watching the show ages ago when my baby sister was little.

I am hoping...  Hoping??  Yes I am!

From the learning rooms...  Double digit addition.  Leaning how  to write sentences using a clue word.  He is doing very well using regular pencils and paper.  Looks like he isn't needing the big lined paper and fat pencils any longer.  I need to be more diligent getting him to read a loud more.  I am also looking at curriculum catalogs for next year.  Three came in the mail today.


(after a blueberry flavored dum-dum sucker!!)

I am thankful for...   I am thankful that I am on the downward side of our stay here.  I am thankful for the wisdom God gives us and the ability to make choices.

From the kitchen...  We bought chinese food on the way home from the library.  YUM!  Vegetable fried rice, chickenon a stick, General Tso's chicken and spicy noodles with vegetables (I forgot the name!)

You remember my sough dough project?   Fantastic!!


I am wearing...   On the way to library we stopped by SEARS.  My son needed new pants. He is playing inside way too much and wearing out the knees in his pants.  I think he has blown the knees out of 6 pairs in the last three weeks.


I needed female undergarments.  I hate shopping for brassieres!!  I know I am uniquely made. . . but really?   I tried on about 20 brassieres and found only 2 styles that fit me right.  I don't care for under wire, padding or bright colors.  I just want something that holds it all together!  And the expense!!  I've tried shopping Wal Mart, Target, Victoria Secret, Marshall's, TJ Maxx and Burlington Coat Factory.  I hardly ever find anything.  Then when I find something, it looks like my Gramma  picked them out!


Times 5 (($32.00x5= ?))


I am reading...   Still reading my In a Heartbeat book.  Haven't got any farther in it yet.  Some mysteries are out on my nightstand as well.

I am  praying...   Praying that my boot-camp baby will get his choice places to go after boot camp.  I am praying for the desires of my heart.  For safety, for wisdom, for far away family.

 I am creating...  Not creating but thinking about creating.  Still got that picture project on the back burner.  Still thinking about rearranging my furniture.  Thinking about doing something for me with part of our tax return.  I will probably do a correspondence course for my Bachelor Degree of Biblical Education.  It also made me think about things that are interesting to me.  I've always been interested in Criminal Justice studies.  I also think I'd do well studying for Christian Counseling.  I don't see myself ever working in law enforcement or counseling but they would be interesting.

  Some of my favorite things...   Steak with baked potato and lots of butter

A few plans for the rest of the week...  An afternoon with Chris, Sharon and baby Anastasia Saturday afternoon.  I may go get bachelor David and bring him over for breakfast on Saturday and then take him to get his haircut Saturday morning.

Something to share...  One day soon, I'll have a wedding to dress for.  I have been looking for ideas and inspiration.  




(I'd have to dye this last one to get the right color.)

What do you think?

Have a great weekend!!


  1. ooohhhh 2nd from the last! Gorgeous, Elegant and perfect!!!I loath shopping for bra's too.

  2. That's funny, I don't remember the Smurfs, except that they were blue.  : ) As for the dresses, the first one is yummy, the second one seems a little too informal and busy for a wedding, I don't love the third one at all, the fourth one is a smooth, sophisticated vision, and the last one is pretty but the fabric and cut looks like it would hang on a body all wrong.  I can say all that cause I'm your sister right?I don't share your disdain for undergarment shopping.  I love Ross for that.  While there are only two people who EVER see my undergarments it's just so fun to have pretty things!*to clarify...the two people are me and my husband ; )

  3. I am with you on the bra shopping!!!!  HOWEVER... ROSS has amazing prices (like 5.99) for the same brand names sold in department stores.  It hurts alot less when they are cheaper ;)

  4. @onehappymomma - haha!  love the clarify.  and yes ROSS is the best for that!

  5. @onehappymomma - I knew who they were.   Mine would be happy if I wore tee shirts and knee high socks all day. . .yes, what a picture!!  We don't have a Ross here 

  6. I really like the first one and the fourth one!

  7. I love them all!  You'll look beautiful.  :)

  8. Shew, you aren't the only one with Spring Fever. I can't wait till warmer weather gets here & stays. I hear we are supposed to get another dose of Old Man Weather this weekend. I hope they are wrong! Your steak pic made me very very hungry. Steak & Potatoes is one of my favorite foods EVER!!!I really love the 2nd dress and the last one. Both are beautiful and would be perfect for a wedding!Hope you have a great Friday :)

  9. This post and the comments made me laugh.  I'm still wearing a nursing bra, as long as it's holding everything up I'm happy.  It would be nice to get some pretties though.We have had rain all week, I knew our 60-70 degree weather wouldn't last long.  Have a good weekend.

  10. I so need to do some shopping... but... yuck!  The dresses are beautiful.

  11. Bras- YUCK- thats a bad word!! ROTFL!! I'm with ya- no underwires and such, just hold everything up and in place!The 4th one looks so comfortable. And one thing to think about- you will be moving around ALOT! Plus, it looks like a dress that can be worn again. It also makes me think of whats her name marrying Princess Diana's boy- cant think of their names!!! To my knowledge, smurfs are making a come back! I remember watching them

  12. that Bali brand is nice, just bought one of them. why o why is bra shopping such a nightmare for all of us???

  13. I detest bra shopping. Had to do that the other day and it was a nightmare. Everything I like (that fit like it should and supported) was expensive and, like you said, looked like something from my grandmother's drawer. lol  Hope you find a dress!  I like them all, but for a wedding would go with the first or fourth.