Thursday, February 10, 2011

~~It's Thursday!~~

Outside my window... Cold with single digit wind chills.  Our snow is 'trying' to melt.  I noticed today, that out on the highway, the snow is still piled up to the guardrails!

I am hearing...  I  am hearing my music from my playlist playing quietly in the background.  I can also hear the sounds of play from my little student.

I am hoping...  I am hoping that the Lord answers prayers for me and so many others who desire answers.

From the learning rooms...   More of the same from last week.  ED, ING endings, double digit addition, Writing sentences on his own with two words as inspriation.  I let him use big boy paper and pencils for school this week and it improved his penmanship 85%.

I am thankful for... I am thankful to have had many friendships over the years that have been near and dear to me.  Karen's post summed up how I feel about all my blog friends!

From the kitchen...  I think it will be catch what you can for dinner tonight.  I think the menu says baked potato, salad or leftovers.  We've been very good this week at eating leftovers for our lunches.  My favorite #2 son and I went on a date today and ate a huge lunch.  It was so tasty though.  He almost finished an adult size bacon cheeseburger , plus he had half of a peanut butter milkshake and some french fries!!  I am still so full I feel like...puking.  Lunch was over 4 hours ago!!


(that is just HIS lunch!)

I am wearing...   Jeans and a red, long sleeved tee.  I cut my hair again last Saturday.  My husband thinks it's too short now.  I only cut 1/2" off.  There is about 3/4" more and it will be my own hair color God gave me for all my wisdom!!    Proverbs 16:31   "The hoary head is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousness."

(The one on the bottom is either a light jacket or 3/4 sleeve blouse.  It's a beautiful grape purple color.)

We visited the thrift store on our date today and found some assorted tops.  Some for me and some for Daddy.



I am reading... I am reading the Sean and Leanne Touhy book, "In A Heartbeat".  I loved their story, and the movie.  I believe the Lord has really blessed their lives because of how they give of themselves.  I have only made it page 64 so far.


An excerpt from the book  am sharing with you. . .

2 Corinthians 9:7   "Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver."

"Giving shouldn't always be a prescribed ritual or ceremony; it doesn't need to accompanied by properly stamped paperwork.  If we worried less about the procedures and methods of giving and concentrated more on a giving state of mind, we might have more to offer than we knew.

It pained us to know that we too often failed at the simplest kind of giving.  While we were waiting for a great cause, or focused agenda, we chose not to notice someone standing right in front of us.  We looked right past the woman in the grocery store taking things out of her basket because she was short on cash or the elderly man in line at CVS.

Ultimately, we agreed that by embracing a smaller and more cheerful kind of giving, we might ease a lot of everyday problems. . .do small things with great love."

In A Heartbeat by Leigh Anne and Sean Touhy excerpt from page 21 and 22

I am  praying...  I am praying for strength and endurance for #1 son.  Wisdom, guidance, direction for him and us too.  Praying for the desires of my heart.  Praying still for David.  He had to pay his first months rent after Mickey's passing.  He wrote a check on a joint account and Mickey's guardian failed to tell David there was not enough money in the account to cover that check.  They (David and Mickey's guardian) were supposed to go to the bank together Monday and get that sorted out.

My husband just sent me these pictures we took on his phone of Mickey and David after church October 31st at Fudrucker's Burgers.




I am creating... #2 son is attending a prince and princess birthday party on Saturday.  We are creating a jeweled crown and adding some beads to his outfit this afternoon.


I have a package to mail to a special friend.  I have also cut #2 son's hair today.  Whew, I think I have been busy today.


(after the cut...bathing with all the army men he purchased at the thrift store.) 

 Some of my favorite things... 

my handsome #2 son

026  ready for his lunch date with his Momma.

A chicken display at Burlington Coat Factory.


Bungalow houses are a favorite of mine.


A few plans for the rest of the week...  nothing planned so far.  Monday afternoon I will watch baby Ariya so her Momma can attend big sister's Valentine party at school.  Maybe one last dinner date with those girls next week.  They are moving to the DC area shortly.

Something to share...  It's been so stinking cold.  Too cold for much activity.  I've stayed home and stayed huddled on my warm bed with my kitty.  I've seen some great blogs on decorating.  (I can tell it's time to move again when I start thinking about decorating a new place!)

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Love the pics of you with the bachelors.  Sweet.  It's cold here in the south too.  No snow for us but some neighboring counties got a dusting of snow.  Happy Thursday!

  2. Love you!  So nice to catch up on what is going on in your life.  Makes me wish even more we lived closer!  Praying for Aaron!  HUGS!!

  3. I have these little pop up thingee's that say someone is on line, but when I respond I got no answer,  I am home alone right now, Mike is off selling his plasma in order to get some cash that he needs. He overcame his needle phobia really fast, but he's a manly man and got over it quickly.  all is well here, cold, fire going.  We may go out tonight to dinner and movie for his birthday yesterday.  I am letting my hair grow just a bit, so I can color some of my hair with a auburn, I've tried twice now to color, and  it doesn't take very well.  Mr. Steve says white hair is very resistant to color, might have to leave it on longer.Love you all  Momeeee

  4. the way you said you felt after eating that heavy meal.....thats how I have felt ever since I got off those antibiotics about a week and a half ago. NASTY! My tummy has not been right at all.You know what? I miss Mickey too. I got to know him so well thru your blogs.Ive thought about cutting my hair. Hubby even took me to a place he thought was a beauty shop on my birthday!! I couldnt believe it. Luckily it wasnt a beauty shop. Something had replaced it. But when I saw the look in his eyes when he THOUGHT I'd be getting it cut...OH MY WORD!! I knew he liked my hair long, but GEEZ!!!!!!!! So....I will find ways to style it better instead of cutting it.Sigh!

  5. @victoriantomboy - I love all those John Frieda products, for making straight hair and helping curly hair be curly.  The best results I had for straightening were to dry hair with the blow dryer after applying mouse, use a flat iron on it( John Frieda STRAIGHT SMOOTHING CREME) then run a huge barrel curling iron over it to add gloss and tame the frizz from straightening.  I used a John Frieda finishing product that I LOVE and still use on the short hair called, FLAWLESS Finishing Creme.  It sure does make a change going from curly to straight.  I was pretty unrecognizable straight haired.It is a lot of work to straighten it but for once a week, it  might not be too bad.You should be taking a pro biotic after your antibiotic treatments.  Or eat a yogurt once a day.

  6. @sharolsplace - it works like facebook, you see the pop up window and it will give you a space to answer.  When your done typing, hit ENTER for it to send what you've written.

  7. @victoriantomboy - Is your hair cut with layers or straight?

  8. @betheelou - where do you buy that stuff at?   also, that book you're reading sounds very interesting!

  9. @betheelou - Ive been taking some acidophilus. But haven't took it religiously like I should. I feel like I need a detox!! I just last week found Garnier Fructis Style Anti Humidity Smoothing Milk and its doing wonders for my hair!! My hair is LONG, naturally curly, and long layered. It is "V" in the back ( not cut straight across) and it is between my bra strap and waist line.

  10. @betheelou - oh yeah...and John Freida is GOOD STUFF!

  11. @floridayankees - Wal Mart and Target.  The packing is silver and light purple.

  12. @victoriantomboy - Maybe you could have it re-layered.  Mine always did well with lots of layers.

  13. @betheelou - oh yeah, it definitely needs relayered. I just haven't made time for that yet. But I will. With everything that has happened since summer, my hair just wasnt a priority!!! I would just throw it up in a clip and go on.

  14. What a burger meal, it looks so good.  We went to In and out yesterday and it was so good!!  Very addicting!I love your Thursday posts!  Have a good weekend.