Friday, September 2, 2011

~~It's Not Thursday!~~

(This is all the sticks left from our "Irene" clean up.  We had a firepit all day Monday~complete with hotdogs AND roasted marshmallows!)

Outside my window...  Sunny and cooler. . .we feel that thing happening called _all that happens when the leaves turn color.  The daytime temperatures are quite variable right now.  I do love the temperatures this time of year.

(Yummy smells~ coming soon!)

I am thinking...  Always thinking.

I am thankful...  It seems I am always thankful for the same thing.  The Lord continues to meet our needs over and above what we could ask or think.  Always.

From the learning rooms...I ordered our curriculum on Wednesday.  We bought pencils and paper yesterday.  We're ready to go.

(An ornamental pepper in my flower bed.)

In the kitchen...Last night I made chicken lettuce wraps.  Tonight we're having a very meaty lasagna, green salad and homemade dark bread.  Next week I plan to resume my regular Menu Monday posts.

I am wearing...I am still in my p.j.'s  Not sure what I'll be wearing today.  I think I'm going to paint my fingernails after I get my bread started.

(A pretty present from my new daughter for being the BEST, MOST WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, WISE, WEDDING DAY SAVER in the WORLD!)

I am creating...  Thinking about reworking my blog for fall.  I've got to update some bad links and redecorate.  Look for some great changes!

I am going...  My manly man said he wanted to go 4- wheeling this weekend.  I'd go camping and canoeing if he'd take me.  Not sure what he plans to do.  He is King of the last minute, spur of the moment decisions!

(Manly Man brought me these this week, spur of the moment, of course!   Lovely!)

I am reading/watching...  We finished Road to Avonlea.  Now our series' are Emily of New Moon and Pie in the Sky.  My husband and I are enjoying Midommer Murders after #2 son goes to bed. (More of an adult show with mature subject matter.) 

I am not reading anything in book form that worthy of a recommendation. 

I am praying...  Praying for far away family, for answers to my prayers, for wisdom, for safety.

I am looking forward to... I am looking forward to getting all my schooling done for my Bachelor's degree, before we move. . .A lofty goal, I'm sure.  I'm looking forward to hearing where we'll move next.  I'm looking forward to an eternity in heaven.

I am hearing...  I am hearing morning sounds around the neighborhood. . .big trucks, mowers and one child playing upstairs.

Around the house... Still pretty clean after our tick episode last week.  Laundry is all done.  The kitchen is clean.

(Does he look all BUGGY?)

One of my favorite things... My cooking, My children,  My Manly Man, My pets!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Maybe dinner with Bachelor David tonight, fishing and fun for Labor Day weekend.  Next week starts a grueling duty schedule for my Manly Man . . . 90+ hours of duty in a 12 day period.  The BIG city is preparing for the anniversary of September 11, 2001.

~~Have a great Labor Day Weekend my friends!~~


  1. Post is just as good on Fri. as it is on Thurs.  Glad there were only branches from Irene.  That is  one very lofty goal, kudos my friend.  Love the oresent from your new daughter!  What a blessing to have such a relationship.  I have 2 dil but only one is close.   (I can keep praying)    Bummer that hubby has such a grueling schedule.   King of spur of the moment decisions, my hubby is the exact opposite. 

  2. Happy Friday!  Hope your weekend is wonderful!  Love reading your "Thursday" posts. 

  3. Looks like your daughter-in-love is a sweetheart! Love the pics! We're still hitting temps around 100 degrees. I'm praying for it to turn off cooler. Hope you have a wonderful time 4 wheeling!