Monday, September 26, 2011

September Adventure in Pictures

Four WHOLE days camping in the Wharton State Forest, New Jersey's Pine Barrens.  We had  blast.  We didn't do much fishing.  We brought the canoe but didn't use it at all this trip.  We took the TOY out on several adventures.  My manly man brought his chainsaw to cut us up some firewood.  He, Mr. Chris and #2 son had a good adventure Saturday night getting high centered on a fallen tree then rescuing some stranded boy scouts!  Now we are home.  I've got laundry going.  School is in session.  Piano lesson this afternoon.  Manly man goes to work soon.

This is our camp spot.  The log and little table were already at the sight.  We choose this sight because the little table made a great spot for the camp stove.

This little pond was behind the camp.  It was full of frogs and mosquitoes

I took this picture of the mushroom with our camp in the background.

Camp was full of little ants that would push sand out of their dens and run back and forth so much that they were leaving trails in the sand.

It is also 'squash bug' or 'stink bug' season.  All the squash bugs in southern New Jersey were trying to get into our camper.

Fall colors are so beautiful. 

One of the navigation hazards out on the trails.

I've graduated!  He finally let someone else drive his baby TOY!!

We always seem to find all of the creepy nature creatures on our adventures.  This is a female spider carrying her babies around with her.  She was a big girl anyway.  Those are my manly mans fingers and hand so you get an idea how long her legs were!  She was a HUGE spider!!

I spotted this large owl in a tree.  He stayed long enough for a picture.  He was large too!

My manly was chopping up dead trees for firewood for camp and spotted this snake.  We are still not sure what kind of snake it is.  We think either a Northern pine snake or a juvenile Black rat snake

What the passengers see.

I've decided, after this trip, I am sending Jeff Foxworthy new material for his "You might be a redneck if . . ."

"You might be a redneck if. . . your man wears his boxers to test the depth of the mud puddles while 4 wheeling!"

"You might be a redneck if. . .your man wears his boxers WHILE 4 wheeling!"


I love seeing nature.  I love being in God's creation and seeing how his mighty hand created EVERYTHING!  The following is a wintergreen plant with berries.  We crushed some in our hand and it smelled just like toothpaste and BEN GAY!

My manly man took this picture and said I should label it I-Spy for you. . .can you spy the mushroom's in this picture?

Manly man also took the following picture of this mushroom. . .I think it looks like a big brown cabbage rose.

Guess who else got to drive the TOY-ota?  We turned him into a driving addict.  He kept saying how fun it was.  He even started to say he thought he drove better than Dad!

 Helping his Dad split wood.  They were getting all hot and sweaty so the shirts came off.  He thinks this is showing off 'his sexy' . . . also he says there are BIG muscles there.

And in the middle of no-where out comes this child to play with #2 son.  His name is D'Andrew and he knew NO strangers.  He ate dinner with us on Saturday. . .TWO hot dogs and then breakfasted with us on Sunday morning. D'Andrew ate two pancakes but wanted to make sure we had his kind of pancake syrup.  "The tall bottle with the picture of lady on it!"

Thanks for looking at my camping pictures!!

Have a great week!


  1. Pictures are great.  I have never been a camper but you make it look like such fun.  Maybe we aren't too old to try it after all. 

  2. us, those are stink bugs- had to chase one away this morning and the snake, it's NOT a black snake- Dont think I've seen one like that before. Or at least its not one of OUR black snakes.LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pics. I want to go camping so bad, but with everything going on, its jut aint happened. Hunting season is coming up so maybe I can do some overnighters with my hubby.LOL~ boxers and muscles.....good ones!! LOL Those are genuine outdoor guys!!! lol

  3. Looks like so much fun!  Thanks for "taking me along" via wonderful pictures!!

  4. How does a young boy know about big sexy?  He is growing to fast Mom, make it stop. Great photo's thanks for sharing.  I love you all.

  5. @sharolsplace - He thinks any man without a shirt on is sexy.  (Think Tom Selleck in Magnum PI)  . . .and the muscles are in his arms.  We think he has grown about three inches this year but only gained a pound or two.

  6. I shared your boxer shorts comments with Mike, I laughed soooo hard, extra  funny. I hope we get to see you when you are making your move to where ever God is taking you this next change.