Friday, September 9, 2011

My Friday

Can you see the syline of New York on the horizon to the left?

#2 son is just visible in this picture to the left, playing in the surf.  Banjo kept getting on our blanket trying to sniff out our picnic lunches.

The nice thing about fall and winter . . .the catalog companies start sending out catalogs.  It's one of my favorite things to do, sit back and look at catalogs.  I still remember picking out MY ENTIRE high school wardrobe from the Sears Catalog.  I'd still much rather browse clothes in a catalog, versus shopping for them on the internet.

This is what I am doing this afternoon. 

This is what I like from  one of the catalogs~


Aren't they pretty?  Now I can cut the pictures out and add them to my "Home Idea Notebook"

Happy Friday evening to you . . .BLT sandwiches for dinner tonight.


  1. When I was little I loved to circle all the things I wanted with a black sharpie.  Some of those things would find their way under the Christmas tree.  ;)

  2. I like looking thru catalogs too.  I really love the pink and green quilt.  Gorgeous!

  3. When we went on our Bermuda cruise, we left from Bayonne. I bet we floated right past that beach you were sitting on! Catalogs...I throw mine right into the trash, cuz I don't want to be reminded of what I don't have and might want! My favorites are Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Anthropologie. When I was little, Sears was definately the wish book. My wishes never came true! ('Til I got older and married my thoughtful guy!)

  4. ooooo, that beach looks wonderful, not crowded either!!Catalogs and magazines are my weakness too!!!That bundle of eucalyptus and lavender looks STUNNING! I would SO ENJOY that on a wall!!! You could decorate a whole room just round that scheme!!BLT is what I fixed a couple of nights ago, with chili It may just be another meal this week too!

  5. @betheelou - missing you a BUNCH too. More than you know!