Thursday, September 8, 2011

~~It's Thursday!~~

(fall 2010)

(fall 2010)



Outside my window...   We had almost 6 inches of rain blow in last night along with a couple good thunder storms.  (I don't sleep well during thunder, it's too loud and keeps me awake.)  Temperature this week is cool.  With the exception of tomorrow, temperatures for the next 10 days will be in the 70's.

I am thinking...  I'm always thinking, aren't you?

(#2 son says this is the LEGO version of me.  CUTE!)

I am thankful... I am thankful for my food, raiment, shelter, my husband, my children~

1 Timothy 6:8  
"And having food and raiment let us be therewith content."


From the learning rooms...  I need to go and purchase  a three ring binder for my answer key and tests for my student.  We've had piano practice here at home a few times this week after a relaxing 8 weeks off.
(maybe I'll just empty that folder and use it instead?)

In the kitchen... 
Kung Pao chicken tonight.

(Homemade goodness!!  IT WAS yummy!))

 I made two loaves of Dark Honey Oatmeal bread last week.  They were awesome.  I'll have to post the recipe.  If you like Outback Steakhouse Bush Bread or Cheesecake Factory Oatmeal bread, you'll love the recipe.

(getting ready to punch down)

I am wearing...  I am wearing a pink tee shirt and tan khaki pants.  My kitty is resting comfortably on my legs with HER fuzzy bathrobe.  My feet are bare.  I should do a mani-pedi this weekend.

I am creating... I have a bit of money saved, I should print some pictures, update my photo wall and get an album finished. 

I've got my camper curtains on my dining room table.  I've started removing the track hooks from the old curtains.  I have to drill small holes in the track hooks to hand sew them to the new curtains.  Still designing those curtains in my head!

 I've made updates to my 'Home Idea Notebook' even got a larger binder and filled up  a lot more pages than I thought I would.

 I've also got ideas in my brain for a blog layout.

 Ideas also for backgrounds for our family pictures this fall.  This area with the swimming hole and TOY-ota in the background is one idea.

(A fence such as this with pasture land in the background, another idea!)

(this little lake in the background, another idea)

(or this picturesque little downtown area nearby)

I am going...
Going to the beach tomorrow with my best girls!

I am reading/Watching...  Pie in the Sky  (Jessye. . .you'd like this series!)  About a chef who cooks as a hobby but works as a police detective.  It's been a clean watching series that we enjoy.

I am praying...  for ALL the desires of my heart, praying for my xanga friends who've had children start public school this week ((~~hugs~~)), praying for far away family, for Grandma Mae's health, praying for the next duty station, praying for wisdom for me.

Around the house...  It's still clean.  I vacuumed Monday in preparation for baby Anastasia's visit Tuesday.  May I say, my toilets are yukky and need cleaning?  Yep they are. . .BAD. 

I got a new candle called "Cinnamon Spice"  It's a YUMMY fall smell!

 #1 son's room is empty of his things   The moving company came and got them today.  The room is now LEGO HEADQUARTERS.

 (I'm very sure Maggie will have fun decorating with Aaron's things and sleeping on a real bed!) 
Shadow Cat has been displaced.  That has been 'her room' for 11 years.  She will have to find a new spot.

(maybe this one will do?)

(does she look really upset?)

One of my favorite things...  Sparking drinks for fall and holiday celebrations.  Here are my favorites, non-alcoholic~
Martinelli's Gold Medal Sparkling Cider

Sparkling catawba

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Beach visit tomorrow, bachelor David on Sunday afternoon,  a quick trip to the store for produce, mani-pedi maybe a fire in the fire pit this weekend too!

Something to Share...

One of my favorite pianists has a new C.D. out!
David Nevue~ A Delicate Joy

~Have a GREAT weekend!!~


  1. Absolutely love the yellow flowery material on your table. SImply gorgeous! I really like the idea of a home idea notebook! How cool is that!?!Hope you have a wonderful weekend, dear friend!

  2. Dinner looks delish!    Love your choices for new blog.  The "picturesque little town" looks very similar to the town where Will and I both grew up.  (Skaneateles, NY)  Tons of tourist in the summer though as it is on the lake, they have a Dicken's festival for the month of Dec. too! 

  3. I love my home notebook. Haven't fooled with it in a while tho. And its no surprise that from what I can see in the pics, you and I have similar taste! Have fun on the beach How is the newlywed couple doing?

  4. @victoriantomboy -   He's underway until the end of the month.  She's learning how to keep herself busy while he's away.  Otherwise everything seems to be going well for them.