Thursday, September 15, 2011

~~It's Thursday!~~

(the tomatoes are hanging in still.  Every strong wind blows them over.  I have to pick these two before the critters have a little snack!)

Outside my window...  Cooler weather blowing in today and tomorrow.  I am kinda excited about it.  Makes me think about cozy camping and fire pits in the backyard.

I am thinking... Yep!

I am thankful... Thankful for God's word.  I can find comfort for every situation and inspiration for living.  It's fresh every day.  This is a verse from school today . . .
Proverbs 25:11  " A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver."

From the learning rooms... It's been a rough week in our home school.  Summer brain fade must have been pretty bad on our street, particularly in this yellow house of ours.  Is it field trip day yet?  School for Mom at Barnes and Noble with a Starbucks attached?  School day at the library?  I do like the fact that our new curriculum is mainly a four day curriculum with the fifth day being a test day.  I've already decided Daddy isn't allowed to keep the student up past 8 p.m. on school night conquering the world at war in the computer game "RED ALERT"
It makes for BAD focus for the student the next day.

Piano practice with the new teacher, Lindsay, is going well.  I like that it is a half an hour earlier this year.  I'll be sure to get a picture of them this next Monday.

In the kitchen...  I am PMS-ing this week.  It leaves me un-inspired in the kitchen.
 I went to my favorite farm stand yesterday and bought fresh white, sweet corn, heirloom and baby tomatoes.  I ATE 4 pieces of corn and a half of sliced tomato for dinner last night.  We were supposed to have sloppy Jo's and tater tots!

I am requesting a good bacon cheeseburger, french fries and a vanilla malt from this place for my lunch today.

25 Burgers Bound Brook NJ

I am wearing...  I am wearing the same thing I wore yesterday. . .bad huh?  A green top and khaki capri's. 

My bangs are pulled back and my hair is curly today.  I am uninspired in the hair department lately.  I don't care for growing my hair out.  It's hard work.  I am trying to grow my bangs out to see if I like it.  They are down to the end of my nose.  I straightened my hair on Monday for piano lessons.  It was a bit poufy and my bangs kept falling in my face.

(Poufy Bobbed hair like Betheelou's!)

(I wish my hair did things like this gals!)

I am creating... I am STILL working on camper curtain ideas. 

I don't think that project will be done before the next camping trip.

((I saw this picture this morning in my pottery barn catalog and thought of my sister.  I think she'd love the arrangement that is on the wall above the bed.  Simple decorations with stuff that may not be too hard to find.  Click on the picture to make it larger.))

 I have some ideas for organizing before our move, but there is lots of time for that yet.

(This area needs paired down and cleaned.)

(I spent $10 a piece on these ferns at a local grocery in July.  ((They were FREE in the forest in Pennsylvania!))  I am trying to decide if I want to put them in a flower bed or re-pot them and bring them inside.  I've never done really well with live ferns in the house.  What about you?

I am reading/watching...  we've watched two old mysteries this week~  Detective Kitty O' Day and Adventures of Kitty O' Day

They were cute and fun shows!

I've been reading John Grisham books.  I haven't read any of his recent books.  He writes decently, maybe a bit racy at times.  I've read The Appeal and The Broker recently.

I am hearing...  Classic country playing soflty in the background.  My student reading out loud.  Noises from my busy neighborhood.

Around the house...  I left dirty dishes in the sink yesterday.  The dishes in the dishwasher need put away.  I did clean the toilets since last week.

My manly man put most of the laundry away yesterday!  Yippee!!

One of my favorite things...  Day dreaming recently about MOVING!!  I've also been craving the peace a quiet of camping.  Manly man is due some comp days for all his duty.  I'm hoping he'll take me camping next week OR for my anniversary the following week.
A few plans for the rest of the week:  No firm plans.  Maybe some time with Sharon and baby Anastasia tomorrow.  Bachelor David on Sunday.   I've got a shopping bug~I need to find us matching colored outfits for our family pictures.

Here is picture I am sharing...

(Banjo is always photogenic!)


  1. I still have dirty dishes to do too. UGH!That bedroom` it looks so cheerful. Love the lighting!!!! When we build our new bedroom, I want LOTS and LOTS of natural light. Red Alert- very familiar with that game! lol or at least the guys are! My motto: I ALWAYS wear clothes at least a couple of days. Less wash! Except undies!!!! LOLOLOLWhat curriculum did you decide on?

  2. I love your posts! I love that like me, you are uninspired about your hair and cooking (at the moment) I am sooooo tired. I did get my hair cut last week - but only about an inch. It's really long and really thick and it's sort of got a kinky wave in the back with the rest being straight. ugh. Drives me crazy - so I usually pull it all up. Our CSA was delivered yesterday so we have a lot of corn, tomatoes, and cantelope to gobble up today. I'm trying to scrounge up the energy to can the tomatoes. Hasn't happened yet, and I'll be so upset with myself if the tomatoes go bad before I get to them. sigh. Maybe this weekend??

  3. @victoriantomboy - Landmark Freedom Baptist Curriculum.  Cost me $200 for the year.  Tests, answer keys were included in that price.  I just didn't purchase bible.

  4. @fourkidsonemom - My son pulled three jalapeno's out of the garden.  I have to find a recipe to include them.  I don't think they'll freeze well.  They need to be eaten too.  Too much work to make a big Mexican dinner just for three jalepeno's!Have you ever canned spaghetti sauce or salsa?

  5. My wife usually cans a lot of corn but this year the hail took it out.  She did can a lot of tomatoes.

  6. @betheelou - I used them quite a bit! I especially liked their high school electives. If they had more things in color, I think I would have used them more. Their elementary spelling was pretty good. I used a little bit of EVERYTHING! lol

  7. @Randy7777 - I love home canned corn.  I also love fresh frozen corn.  My tomatoes have never produced enough for me to can.  They are producing enough that the three of us (and the dog) can eat them as they get ripe.Canning is a lot of hard work.  I admire that your wife still does home canning

  8. I know you were talking about the bird decorations in the picture but I am definitely drawn to the white furniture.  I love that cottage look.  I did paint all the furniture in our bedroom white and changed the hardware.  I simply love it!   I too have a tomato or 2 that is hanging on.  Looking forward to the piano lesson pix and you are so right, Banjo is so photogenic.  Still really like the Thurs. posts!  Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love your hair, Betheelou!  :)  I don't like to bring ferns inside cause they drop leaves everywhere.  Not fun to clean up.  Happy Thursday!  Or even better - Happy Friday's Eve!  :)

  10. @betheelou - I made canned salsa today! It was fairly easy - and thankfully every jar sealed! I'm also so certain nothing will seal. Ha! I'm going to try a tomato-basil spaghetti sauce recipe this weekend with all those tomatoes we go get! I'll let you know how it turns out :) I would make cheese dip with those 3 lovely jalapenos. Saute onion, garlic, and diced (seeded or not) jalapenos, and a couple diced tomatoes - then melt in cheese till bubbly. Delicious with corn chips, drizzled over chicken or pork :) 

  11. @fourkidsonemom - YummY!  I do have the ingredients for that!

  12. You are right I was totally drawn to that bedding picture, the decor, the bedding, all of it!  I'll have to come back and look at it again a little closer tomorrow when I've got more time.The cheeseburger and malt sounds super.  I saw a Five Guys nearby today (about 35 minutes away).  Are they similar to In N Out?  I know Aaron worked there so I figure you've had them.Love you sister!!

  13. @onehappymomma - Five Guys very similar to In and Out.  Five guys lets you munch on peanuts while your waiting and gives you fries with skin on.I just loved the wall mural with the song sheets and birds. I thought it would be totally you!Missing You!