Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Terrific Tuesday's Recipes

Forgive me if I am a bit un-inspired to post one of my own recipes today.  This recipe fell out of my Taste of Home Magazine yesterday and it sounds wonderful!!  (Click on the picture to make it larger!)


  1. Looks scruptious, I mainly scrolled down to your nature post oh my you guys are quite the adventurers lol, I don't like insects, especially when they are crawling anywhere in my area lol. I am not the camping person lol. But i do like to read of others fun times. That spider would have scared the life out of me. We have very high ceilings & last night hubby saw a huge bug up there so he started tossing his hat up to knock it down lol, he never got near it but the bug decided to jump down on its own, I have tubs sitting below as I am still puttingout fall decor & somewhere in those tubs learks an angry bug oh my!Linda

  2. @Mymanyblessings - I was just thinking about you this morning.  Glad you left a comment on here.  I am still not able to comment on your sight We love camping!  I was just wishing I was back out in those peaceful woods.  We do run into the weirdest bugs while out and about.  We try to draw lots of attention to them for our little home school student.~~Hugs Linda!~~