Monday, September 5, 2011

Our Labor-Free Weekend

A post in pictures!

(Mountaintop Lake)

(Fall color already appearing)

(Allamuchy Pond)

(Fall color)

(ANOTHER project?)

(Car dealers in New Jersey are closed on Sunday's.  NICE!!  What's even NICER, is that they leave vehicles unlocked with a set of keys tucked inside!)

(We think this Dodge truck fits us just fine.)

Back to Allamuchy pond.  This is #2 son's Crappie that Dad is helping him to de-hook.  After a summer of fishing we decided to keep a mess of Crappie for a fish fry dinner at home.)

(Mountain Villa School)

(What a good catch!  We'll eat well tonight!)

(A boy and his nature TOYS. . .bugs!)

(The MASTER fillet-er)

(. . . and fryer)

(The eater!)


  1. Great pix, looks like a wonderful labor free weekend! 

  2. I'd totally be an eater too!  ;) 

  3. I have really missed fishing this year! Looks like a wonderful way to relax! Hope you had a good time!

  4. looks so great!! :) wonderful weekend.

  5. ohhh. LOVE fresh fish!looks like a fun, relaxing day.fall color is popping up here too. {boo!}:)