Friday, October 28, 2011

Family Photo Shoot~ Oops

(click on image for a larger view!)

I am thankful that I am not alone in my quest for the ultimate, perfect family picture.  Since my oldest son was small, I've felt like we are Calvin and his family at picture taking time. Amber at grace-to-be so eloquently expressed her feeling in her post, I can relate Amber!!

squint y eyes~ bright light

floppy hair~ gusting wind

where is Banjo looking?  . .  and. . .is this my slimmer side?
Calvin is being expressed by #2 son!  Manly man is squint y.

Yep, all the buttons are done, zipper check . . .o.k.!

floppy hair AND eyes closed.

My picture taking skills leave a lot to be desired.

Gosh, that wind really does a number on my fine textured hair!

"Okay son when I say stand up straight and tall, shoulders back, I really mean 'See if you can squeeze your hiney into the space between the fence rails okay?' "

And while your trying to fit your hiney in there, make a really thoughtful face, okay?

Hello, lady on the bridge?  Are you paying attention?

Oh, excuse me while I adjust my clothing.

Wake up!  Hey Lady, Wake up!

I am actually doing what I was told by my photographer.  Not sure what he saw in this picture?  Maybe it was payback for some of the poses I made him do.

There is nothing wrong with this picture as Banjo is almost ALWAYS photogenic!

Yippee . . .photo shoot is done lets throw rocks into mud puddles, play with sticks and GET DIRTY!  By the way, where was this smile when we were taking all those OTHER pictures?


  1. Oh my, THIS is funny!  I don't know which I love more, the outtakes or your commentary on each picture!  Loving the pics with the Toyota though.  Oh that boy and his little hiney....hee-hee!

  2. oh family pictures, never a dull minute. its true that Banjo doesn't seem to have a problem with his picture taking, just looking the right way at the right is difficult when the elements are also at work against you, wind blowing and sun in eyes...i think they were fun ;)