Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our Anniversary Day~ Broken Camera Style

My manly man and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary on Friday.

To celebrate, I got all dressed up and put on a pretty blue and black dress with a tied belt at the waist.  I wore my ugly silver shoes and fixed my hair and make up all pretty.

(this is me all dressed up and ready to go out)

#2 son and I took the day off of school and went to Barnes and Noble for a coffee.  We looked at stacks of magazines and comic books.

(this is #2 son and I enjoying our coffees and magazines)

My manly man took a half of a day off and took us to an early dinner.

(This is a picture of our food~  #2 son had mozzarella sticks and french fries. I had salad bar, Sirloin steak and baked potato, manly man had salad bar, barbecue ribs and broccoli)

(this is us posing in front of the movie theater in Manville, New Jersey.  We were going to see Courageous.)
Courageous Poster

You've got to go see that movie.  What a challenge for Father's and parent's.  I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, loved, loved,loved this movie.

There are some good movies coming out of this church's ministry.

Saturday. . .I went out and spent too much money for a new camera.  What good is a blogger without a camera?


  1. Hey, all but the first picture is black!  What gives?

  2. @oldfatgramma - Ha!  I had a broken camera, remember?  I broke it last Tuesday.  I was a blogger without a camera for four whole days!!  Those are the pictures I would have taken if I had a working camera.

  3. LOL - sorry your camera is broken, but this post just cracked me up    Happy Anniversary!!!The movie sound great!!!

  4. you are too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!