Monday, October 31, 2011

Snow Storm Update

((Taken on Saturday During the snow storm.))

We weathered the storm just fine.  Living next to that power station has it's little blessings.  We never lost power!  We've only lost a few branches from the trees in the backyard.  I'm guessing we had about 3 inches of slushy snow altogether.

Bachelor David came over on Saturday and had a hot meal, dessert and kept cozy with us for a few hours.  We were going to take him to the stores, but his stores were out of power.

((This pictures is the snow left this morning and a few of the branches that fell.))

I am looking forward to the almost 60 degree days we'll have Wednesday and Thursday.  I am just not ready for winter to start in October!!  On Saturday I had to keep poking myself, saying "This is New Jersey, not Alaska!"


  1. Very Nice post nice Pictures... I could not help but laugh at the last lil comic pic... Cause I LIVE IN FLORIDA!!!! HAHAHAHAH LOL It's oh maybe 66 degrees right now the high is supose to get up to 77 degrees lol My doors are open and your welcome to visit anytime ... (I'm in Orlando) hehe :) It has it's downfalls too though The summers can really suck! Hugs and Love hope ya have a beautiful day!

  2. I absolutely LOVE the wintertime and snow! It's so nice to be indoors and drink hot cocoa, snuggle under blankets and watch movies or read good books!