Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Weekend

Saturday~  Three stores  =  ONE Camera.

Canon PowerShot SX150 IS

I had to try out my new camera.  I messed with the settings.  I found the flash.  I found the timer. 

  (An Anniversary present from my manly man!)

no flash

Flash On!


Sunday~   On Sunday we got up early.  We dressed in the clothes I picked out for our 2011 family pictures and headed out to a flea market.  It was free, even the parking was free.  It was a bit of a drive though.  Sunday was a cool day.  Very much felt like a fall day.

Ghillie suits and paintball armor.  ((Uncle Aaron we were thinking of you!!  ))

"Son, I really don't think that's how that mask works!"

We saw some weird fruits and vegetables.  We saw these interesting things.  (I can't remember what they are called. . .they may have been Puerto Rican.)  We were told they taste like 'a wonderful potato!'


I must confess. . .I am a people watcher.  Interesting characters attract my attention.  I love to observe people.  The mall and the airport are some of my favorite to people watch.

Isn't she ADORABLE?  She had pink nails.  Her hair was all lacquered done ever so carefully.  She had a tiny rhinestone butterfly in her hair just on the right side behind her ear. 

Pink glasses, pink umbrella, and TWO pink bags.  She was too CUTE!

We ate hot dogs with sauerkraut and mustard for a snack.  Someone was making fresh cotton candy.  #2 son asked for some.  It was blue.
"Cotton Fun" he says is the title to this picture!

Two full tables of recipe books.  Ah. . .heaven.

Uh-Oh . . . Beth has spotted another interesting character.  Do you see him?

We think this distinguished gentleman was waiting for the lady in pink.  He is going to whisk her away to his yacht and set sail on a LOVE BOAT cruise!

We left the flea market and drove north.  We stopped at Five Guys
for a great bacon cheeseburger lunch. We kept going north.

My manly man recieved a gift card for his anniversary.  I told him it was toys for his TOY-ota.

Specifically, he wanted a high-lift jack.  Good for helping you out of tough situations in the woods, especially high centering on logs. . .in the dark. . .

While Dad was purchasing his jack, Momma got the camera out and played with it.

Can you tell what our colors are going to be for our family pictures this year?

We never did get around to stopping for pictures.  The afternoon turned cloudy and dark and rained a bit.  We've put it on hold for a few more days.  We think we have a great spot picked out for our background.


Monday~  Momma made french toast for breakfast with sausage patties.  YUM!

I got Cheddar Broccoli Soup going in the crock pot.  Got dressed.  The plan was driving around.  Going to Spruce lake. . .fish a bit and pick grapes to make wild grape jelly with.

(Spruce Lake)

Do you see who grabbed the camera?

Small, wild grapes clinging to the bushes near the lake.  They are pretty sour.  My they were plentiful too!

Guess what was waiting for me at home?

One dozen cider doughnuts from my dear friend Liz @Elizabethmarie_1

I WON them.  really.  I still can't believe it.

That's it friends.  My weekend.  Back to regular blog posting now.  My husbands day's off messes up this girls blogging schedule.  You all are second place. . . sorry

Well I'm off to make make dinner. . .Kung Pow chicken and 4 cider doughnuts left!


  1. YAY for a new camera!!!  FUN pic

  2. Yay, it arrived! I was hoping it would get there sooner. The flowers look squished. Sorry...the lady at the post office and I had a hard time packaging it...she wasn't happy that I wouldn't take my bag apart.lol  But I didn't want to ruin it.New cameras are so fun. I hope you get your family pictures taken soon.Happy Tuesday.

  3. @Elizabethmarie_1 - No worries!  I loved everything about my package!!  Especially since it came from you!  You are so sweet!  Thanks again for doing it.  

  4. Awww, thank you, you are so sweet too.I forgot to tell you I really like the blue flowered background you have on here...so pretty!I would love to have a skirt in this print or bag in this print.

  5. WOW! What a burger!!OK...the woman walking in the pic of the gentleman waiting on the pink lady...is she wearing the blue cotton candy for a wig????? LOL  ( thats a cute idea tho...him waiting for her! you need to write books!) And she is just adorable, I would have loved to have sat and chatted with her!!That green matched your eyes!!! I was looking at your family photo yesterday! oh yeah...cool camera!!!!Lastly......how do ya peel a hairy tater???????

  6. @victoriantomboy - Yes the tattooed, blue haired 'lady' was interesting as well.  I think she was even smoking a cigarette.And that hairy tater?  Not sure how it was supposed to be fixed.  I don't know many Puerto Ricans.  I need to meet one who will cook authentic food for me.  Those hairs were pokie like cactus spines!