Thursday, October 20, 2011


Outside my window...  Breezy and cool.  The air smells like leaves.  It's a pleasant smell.  The surrounding hills are very pretty.  The fall color is brilliant.

I am thinking...  I am always thinking.  Thinking leads to projects.

I am thankful... I am always thankful.  I think it's important that the Lord knows how thankful I am for what he has done for me and I am thankful for what he has given me.

From the learning rooms...  I have a math wizard.   He grasps concepts quickly.  Still working on counting by two's and three's.  We are drilling spelling words frequently.  He loves to read the books we get from the library every week.  He devours most of them on the way home from the library.  We've been trying to find videos to go with our science lessons.  That has been fun for him.

In the kitchen... Baked chicken and roasted veggies for #2 son and I tonight.  Daddy has duty and he'll be taking leftovers.  I am about ready to go up and roast some stew meat and get chili in the crock pot for this weekend.  Our menu for the week is already out of order.

I am wearing...  Khaki green capri's, an orange long sleeve tee shirt, white socks and white tennis shoes. 

I am creating...  Got 3 bible covers cut out and started to sew one.  I'll be working on sewing this afternoon and see how much I can get done.

I am reading/watching...  Still in the Miss Winter series.  It's okay.  Not my favorite. 

We started a new Netflicks series, a western.  The Magnificent Seven.  We've only watched one show.  It had lots of gun fighting, #2 son loved it!

I am praying...For traveling friends, for far away family, praying for the desire of my heart.

I am hearing...  water for a shower,  soft music playing, street noise, forklifts.

((We were driving around this week and saw this Chevy in someone's yard.  Click on the picture for a close up view.  We're not certain what the owner is waiting for?  A flood?  Aliens?  Lightening Storm?))

Around the house...  I have two candles burning, cranberry and a spice candle.  The house smells good.  Dishes need put away.  House is fairly clean.  My sheets were washed this week.  The air is crisp outside.  I try to throw the windows open frequently and get some good air moving through the house.

"Judge each day,  not by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant."
Robert Louis Stevenson

Some of my favorite things...  I love comfort food.  Turkey's will be coming on sale soon.  I can hardly wait.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Bachelor David and chili.  I want to go apple picking.  I am having a craving for applesauce.  Still need to take those family pictures.  The wind was blowing pretty fierce over the weekend.  The temperatures were great however.  Sounds like the wind will continue this weekend.    Got to get them done!!

Something to share...  We went and viewed cars, trucks and Jeeps and a car show and then adventured around to a local park for GEO caching with Chris and Sharon. 

Jeep trailer.  COOL.

I think this Jeep was my favorite.  It had original upholstery and was in GREAT condition

A break for cider and doughnuts at a local farm.

Our group of treasure hunters.

Pretty fall color throughout the park.

"Come on people!  Are you sure that those co-ordinates said it was in THERE?

"I FOUND it!"

Take one treasure-leave one treasure.

We found another one!! 

. . .and another one!


  1. I am sure you get tired of hearing me say every Thurs. how much I like your Thurs. posts.  You seem to have such a great life.  I too think it is very important to let Him know how grateful we are for all He has given us!  Have a great weekend.Aldi's had turkey on sale.....I got one last week.

  2. I love your fall pics!  Looks like you are enjoying every drop before winter arrives.  :) 

  3. Geocashing looks like so much fun!That truck is incredible. What on earth is it for!?! I'd be half-tempted to ask! LOLWould love to see pics of the Bible covers you make! I've considered making some, but haven't been sure how start, so haven't done anything yet. Are they fairly simple?

  4. @SealedbyGrace - they can be very simple.  I like adding pockets and ruffles so it takes a bit of time.  Then you have to think about it as you sew it together so when it's right side out, it will look right.  I'll take pics when finished.

  5. I've just now got out of the bed to check Xanga. And I've got to turn around and get back into bed. I'm not ready yet!! But I have to say, that new profile pic does NOT look like you girlie!!! Did you straighten your hair? You look FANTASTIC!

  6. @victoriantomboy - Yes, I straightened my hair.  I was playing around that day with hair.  I had to take some new profile pictures for xanga and FB.Praying you feel better.I had a dream about you and I last night.  We were late for something.  I don't know if we were going apple picking or we were cooking.  I just remember you were in it.