Thursday, October 27, 2011

Where Have I Been?

My manly man has taken leave (vacation days for you non-military folk) this week.  On Saturday he took us on a trip he has been wanting to go on for quite some time.  We enjoyed a peaceful drive away from the crazy traffic here in New Jersey.

Can you guess where we went?

Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

Our hotel recognized Banjo as an honored guest.

The scenery was spectacular at the falls.  Crowds were nonexistent as we visited on Monday, during the public school week and off-off season for the town.

My manly man really let his hair down (ha-ha) and took us to one of the most expensive restaurants I've ever been to.  We had a fantastic view of the entire city and a spectacular view of the falls from this place. . .

I had a seafood sampler.  My manly man had steak.

We enjoyed some peace and beautiful scenery!

New Friends?


  1. Well, I was wondering where you had been.  Wow, great trip.  Love the pics.  Well, love the falls,haven't been there in a while though.  Hotel and dinner looked fabulous.  So glad you had such a great time.  I love your new profile pic.  Your hair looks gorgeous!

  2. Awesome trip!  God's creation is so beautiful.  He has given us much to see.  :)

  3. Just catching up on your blog this evening.I enjoyed looking at all your photos. We have never seen the falls, it's on our list of "someday". =)Your seafood platter looks wonderful! What a great time to the off, off season. That is when we like to travel too.It's nice to not be in the middle of crowds.Loved your picture true for us too! Ha!Did you guys get hit with the snowstorm?  I heard it was bad out your way.