Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Family Fun

oct 2010 014

Getting ready for our company to arrive.  I finished the gift for my sister in law.

oct 2010 016  

This is what it contained.

oct 2010 019

My helper!

oct 2010 020  

On Saturday we drove to the country to view the fall colors and went apple picking at this orchard.

oct 2010 021

There were a few apples at the tops of the trees and so many on ground.  I think maybe the wind blew them down. 

oct 2010 023

We also picked our "Pumpkin Pie" pumpkins.

oct 2010 028  

oct 2010 025

oct 2010 026

oct 2010 027

oct 2010 031

We also stopped at a little farm to have fresh cider and cider doughnuts.

oct 2010 032

oct 2010 033

oct 2010 034

oct 2010 035

See the powdered sugar?  It was a very tasty doughnut!

oct 2010 036

Resting our feet and checking in with the children back home.

oct 2010 037

1/2 of these fabulous apples turned into a pie for our dessert.

Today I think we are going to go people watch at a mall and go to Cheesecake Factory for lunch.  That is. . . when Cari takes the right train out to our NJ suburbs!



  1. How great to be making so many great memories.  I came across a picture of Uncle Bill this last week sitting in the kitchen  in his denim jacket and huge Stetson, and pipe.  Oh the nostalgia of it all.  I love you all.  Momeeee

  2. What a terrific gift, I'm sure she loved it. Looks like a great weekend. Thanks for sharing with us!Hope you have a terrific day!!!

  3. Fantastic gift for your sil.  Love going to the orchard, the one near us sells apple pies, cider and donuts.    Gotta love it.