Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Menu on Tuesday


fam pics 2010 064

~~Menu On Tuesday~~


Tuesday~  Clam Chowder, homemade rolls, green salad

Wednesday~  Oriental Hamburger with cooked rice, salad

Thursday~  Grilled chicken, Baked potatoes, green salad

Friday~ Grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup

Saturday~  Taco's

Sunday~  French Toast, Bacon, Sausage, scrambled eggs, potatoes o'brien




  1. Looks like a wonderful menu!  And so healthy!!  

  2. You look beautiful!  Mmm...your homemade clam chowder is one of my fav's.  Have a good day, miss you friend!

  3. @jessnboyz - It was good too!  I made a broth using smoked turkey bones and used it in the chowder along with all that cream.  YUM!