Thursday, October 7, 2010

~~It's Thursday~~

(This is a picture for my dear, sweet sister who says she doesn't see enough photos of me!)

Outside My Window~  It is supposed to be warmer today, about 72 degrees.  It has been cloudy, cold and rainy since we returned from our week away.

From The Learning Room~ A light day today.  I am on vacation this week with my husband.  He read a library book to Dad and practiced piano lessons.

I Am Wishing~  For a new laptop, for my husband of course!  A new tower for my desktop computer.  A new wardrobe from Christopher and Banks and Coldwater Creek to go with a new haircut I am thinking dreaming about.
(I don't think my manly man likes this hairstyle.  A few of the ladies at church have ones similar and he doesn't care for the hairstyle on them.  Mine would have bangs, that's a given.  And I am not 30 pounds underweight with big brown eyes so I just wouldn't look the same)

I Am Wearing~  Blue jeans and a long sleeved pink tee shirt.  I spent about an hour on my pedicure this morning.  A french one.  Looks pretty good from far away. . .

I Am Creating~  My Wal Mart is undergoing remodeling.  The photo department is closed until November.  Because of that,  my photo album updating has slid to the back burner.  I still need to get a wedding present done, maybe stitch a baby blanket.  I want to craft myself a chunky necklace also but do not have the right supplies for necklaces yet.

I Am Praying~  Praying for wisdom as always.  Praying for church.  Our Pastor's and their families.  Praying for wisdom and guidance for my in laws who are experience their first growing pains with a teenage son.  Praying for my family in Washington and Oregon.  Praying for my father in law this week as well.  Praying for the desires of my heart.

Around The House~  A load of whites in the wash.  Grunting sounds from the back yard where a manly  exercise program is taking place.  Peaceful music playing.  It's a bit chilly here at the desk.

From The Kitchen~  Chicken Enchiladas tonight.  I am trying to decide if I want to make homemade corn chips to go with the meal.  I probably will since they are so great tasting!

(This was our dinner from the other night.  That real maple syrup sure is sweet.)

I Am Enjoying~  Watched a cute movie about the Coast Guard over the weekend.

I get a kick out of watching these older shows and seeing all the amazing cars that do not exist anymore.  This one had a wonderful 1969 Toyota Carolla and many VW Bugs.  Of course, the California scenery is good at any time.

Oh, Rock Hudson, you were a handsome man.  What a waste!

One Of My Favorite Things~ 

(All nice and cozy a favorite place to be!)

I Am Sharing~ One of my longtime friends has a blog about her life with 10 children.  It's fairly new but I enjoyed seeing pictures of her children.

~~That's all for now.  Have a great weekend friends!~~


  1. I so so enjoy your Thurs. posts.  Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. hey sweetie...thts such a good pic of you! Those bright eyes!! and those toes-good job on that pedicure!! Wished I could reach them to do that!! LOL

  3. I saw that picture of Kiera...You are right lots of ladies have that sort of style.  Kay referred to the choir of a big church we attended as the pageboys, because every woman of my age and up had that hair style.And yes, that's the same style I have as well now, with bangs.  Easy to care for and works well with thin baby fine hair...Love the french pedi.  I had a sudden hankering for a mani myself and went to buy all the stuff to do a french one.  It looks okay for a first timer's hand at it.  As I pointed out to my dear Chance, no $45 manicure, just $12 worth of stuff that I can use over and over again for months.

  4. I think your hair would look cute that way!

  5. I just got my hair cut in that style today, lol!  I love your posts.  I can't seem to get the pics in after each little blurb, what am I doing wrong?

  6. @LisaLynn66 - where are the pics of this fab hair?

  7. Let me go change my photo then!  I'm going to take another today, the shading is off, but anything's better than nothing!

  8. @LisaLynn66 - what browser are you using?  You can't see my pics or yours are not showing up?

  9. @LisaLynn66 - ooOOoo~  I like it!  You went a bit darker too!  It makes you look younger!  You go girl!!

  10. Thanks, took another pic, see if you like this one, lol!

  11. Yes, that one is better but I like them both.    Makes me want to get my hair cut!