Friday, October 15, 2010

~~It's Friday~~

Outside My Window~   Sunny.  I believe that we're in the calm before the storm.   The wind is really supposed to start whipping later today.  The stores were experiencing a run on customers early in the day yesterday.   I heard it's because folks like to stock up when they think there is going to be a big storm.  The trees in my yard are starting to change.  I love those Maple trees.

From The Learning Room~   Lots of big words with many vowels.  Addition and subtraction and spelling.

I Am Wishing~  For me wishing and praying are almost the same.  I am wising we could go back to California.  I am wishing that the next 18 months will go by fast.  I am wishing that the next job rotation will have good selections on it.  Still thinking about a big Dodge truck and pop up trailer. 
I Am Wearing~  Fall colored tee with khaki capri's bare feet but it's a bit chilly.  I may have to go put on socks and slippers!

 I Am Creating~  I bought some wood planks for painting.  I have one wedding present to craft and one for my sister in law to give as a gift when she gets here.  I am making her a basket of things we picked up in Vermont.  I'll take a picture of the finished basket for you to see.

(That's the basket I did for my Mom when she visited.)

(The following three photos are ideas that I saw that I'd like to copy.  My painting skills are not good enough to paint a piano but I may be able to do flowers.)

I Am Praying~  Praying very hard for #1 son.  He heard from the CG recruiter yesterday.. . his boss (recruiters boss) gets to pick the final selections from the applicants.  Be praying that my son's will stand out and he will be selected!
Praying for wisdom.  Praying for the desires of my heart.

Around The House~  It's clean.  It's presentable.  Maggie's parents will be here to share Sunday afternoon with the bachelors and us.  I am making french toast.  Hopefully we'll all be well.  Manly man and #2 son seem to be coming down with whatever is being passed around at church.  FUN!!

From The Kitchen~  I may get to go on a date tonight with my manly man.  Pizza.  If there is no date, leftovers from the kitchen for tonight.

 *Album,galera do chat da claro* - sun
I Am Enjoying~  I am enjoying these fall days.  I was just thinking it's good fire pit time.  The sunny days and chilly nights are just perfect.  I put my flannel sheets on the bed and it's so cozy to be wrapped in their warmth!  Watched Sound of Music last night.  What a great show!

One Of My Favorite Things~  Babies !!  I was happy to have little Miss Ariya here yesterday to play with us for a few hours.  She was a joy.  She seems to be outgrowing the separation anxiety she had over the summer.

 I Am Sharing~ Not sure what is good to share this week.  I was looking through an old hymnal at church the other day and these verses caught my eye.

"Hear my prayer, O Lord, give ear to my supplications: in thy faithfulness answer me, and in thy righteousness."  Psalm 143:1
"But it is good for me to draw near to God:  I have put my trust in the Lord God, that I may declare all thy works."  Psalm 73:28
"Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved."  Psalm 55:22
"Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation;continuing instant in prayer."  Romans 12:12

~~Have a great weekend Friends!!~~


  1. I love yuor posts!  I will definitely be praying for #1 son.  I love the gift basket idea, have not done one since we moved down here.......we have no room for anyone to stay anymore    Ah, can you not love them, they are so innocent.  I am finally gonna get to make the trek north to see my newest grandbaby tomorrow.  So excited!

  2. @oldfatgramma - Aww have fun!  It's so fun to cuddle those little sweet smelling things!  I can't wait for my own!

  3. good post! love hearing from you! whoever's room that was with the basket on the bed, I like it! you have a neat way of decorating!

  4. @floridayankees - That is #2 son's room!  He has a camoflauge quilt on the bed now and more junk on the floor.  For Mom's visit, we cleaned all the toys out to make it look more like a spare room.  When my brother and sister in law are here, we'll put them in my bed since my brother in law is pretty tall, I think he is 6'2" or more.  I'll sleep on the air matress in the basement family room!

  5. @betheelou - its fun finding extra places for everyone to sleep!  Our cousins are coming in Dec, for a prison crusade and staying with us. we now have full over full bunkbeds that DH made, I'm thinking about teasing them and telling them that they can sleep on the top while our little two sleep on the bottom !  No really, I'll put them in Leah's room with a full bed and a little more privacy!

  6. Come on back out to CA. There's some pretty cool people out here to hang out with. :) Pretty picture of you, btw.

  7. I may be in SC now but I was born and raised in CA for all but the last 9 years :)  I grew up just south of San Francisco in San Jose.  The northern part, just between Cupertino and Saratoga.I am sure your art projects would come out beautiful if they were anything close to the samples you would like to copy...they will be lovely gifts!!I will be in prayer for your son.   Have a blessed weekend.

  8. @Missionfieldof5 - We only lived in California 3 1/2 years.  We fell madly in love with it while there.  We were in San Diego.

  9. Lovely picture of a lovely lady! I enjoyed your post. 

  10. you BETTER post pics of your handy work!!! You're so crafty. And always has a neat idea!I'm jealous!  Or as us southerners say-"Pea green with envy!" lollove your new pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!