Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Family Fun


#2 son and I braved the commuter trains and subways yesterday.  We went to the big city to spend the day with Aunt Cari.  We spent a few hours wandering Chelsea Market then we walked through the south end of central park.  I really loved Chelsea Market.  That's where we enjoyed lunch.  Crab Bisque with a Chibatta sandwich.

oct 2010 040

Cupcake bakery

oct 2010 041

Candy store

oct 2010 042

Amy's Bakery

oct 2010 043

A dairy store

oct 2010 045

Amy's Bread

oct 2010 046

Posing by the Halloween decorations

oct 2010 047

Making a batch of Sushi

oct 2010 048

More decorations

oct 2010 049

Our favorite shop sold flavored olive oil, vinegar and salt.  I came home with Coconut flavored vinegar and Peach flavored vinegar.

oct 2010 050  

A kitchen supply store

oct 2010 051

A much needed Starbucks break!

oct 2010 052

Waiting for our subway

oct 2010 053
Central Park

oct 2010 054

My loaf of Amy's sourdough bread.  Yummy with Mexican Chicken soup!




  1. I'm going to have to get my brother to take me there next time I visit the city!  That looks so fun!  That bread is super cool.  I wonder how she got the pumpkin impression on the front?!

  2. Great pix, thanks so much for sharing.  That place looks fantastic.  I have only been to NYC once a long, long time ago.  Will said we are not going again 

  3. I would LOVE to go rambling with you one day shopping!!!!!!!!!!

  4. @momidazed - I think it was flour.  They must cook the bread at a very high temp or for a long time.  Both loaves had very thick crust.

  5. @oldfatgramma - I don't blame him.  I hate riding in the passenger seat when my husband drives through there!  I need a chill pill for it.  If I didn't live here, I'd say once would be enough!

  6. @victoriantomboy -   I'd love to go with you too!  I'm sure we'd be like two peas in a pod, content to be together.  My sister in law and I really do get along very well together.