Thursday, October 28, 2010

~~It's Thursday~~

Outside My Window~   Sunny outside my window.   It has been either warm and humid with rain, or just warm.  My kitty spent several hours this afternoon fascinated by the falling leaves in the back yard.  My window was open and she was enjoying the breeze and sounds of rustling leaves.  She was acting like a kitten.



I believe the trees in my yard are about done with their big show of color.  Most of the leaves are blown off now, except in a few areas.  The oaks still have a lot of leaves.



 A Few Plans for the Upcoming Week~  Next week I'll be back to my routine of keeping the home and being a teacher.

 From The Learning Room~   No school this week in favor of a big city adventure.  I can see a nice picture coming of something my student enjoyed about the city

 I Am Wearing~  In my p.j.'s since 1:00 o'clock this afternoon.  I am tired!

 I Am Creating~  Got my thinking cap on.  Going to get that photo album project completed.  I need to start writing my annual Christmas letter.

 I Am Praying~  Still praying very hard for #1 son.  We still have not heard from CG recruiter.  Continue to pray that my son's application will stand out and he will be selected!
Praying for wisdom.  Praying for the desires of my heart.

Around The House~  Our family comes back to stay the night tomorrow.  I am putting them in my bed and my manly man and I will be camping out in the basement family room.  Tomorrow I'll need to wash sheets and vacuum. 

From The Kitchen~  For Friday-  beef tips with egg noodles, garlic green beans,  green salad, apple crisp and vanilla ice cream for dessert.  Saturday morning- Pancakes, eggs, fried potatoes, sausage.  Sandwiches for lunch.  We'll take the bachelors out to Old Country Buffet Sunday afternoon so I can get rested up!

 I Am Enjoying~  I have enjoyed a couple books by this author recently.  Some of her writings deal with spiritualism (such as psychics) but for the most part, a decent reading mystery.  She has several books in a series about an elderly, woman, CIA agent, Mrs. Pollifax.  TCM happens to be playing a movie about Mrs. Pollifax tonight.

Thale's Folly

One Of My Favorite Things~  Spending time with far away family.  Last night we double dated.  We went to a barbecue place off of Time Square, then thoroughly enjoyed the Broadway show, WICKED!


 I Am Sharing~ Remember the magazine I found last year put out by Gooseberry Patch?  I found another one for 2010.  It has many good ideas for Christmas gifts, recipes and ideas.

Can you tell they have displayed these truffles in tea cups?  What a great idea!  Tea cups abound at the thrift stores.

This isn't a good picture. . . but this picture would make a great blog header!

 ~~Have a great weekend Friends!!~~



  1. hope everything goes great with the Coast Guard! Wild Woman is dealing with the Army, so thats 2 of my xanga friends dealing with military!LOVE Gooseberries! I am collecting their small cookbooks. And I have a christmas one like yours from like 5 years ago. I go back to it every year!

  2. I agree, that last picture would make a great blog header!!! You look adorable! Oh, and I used to get Gooseberry Patch magazines/ sister and I were nuts about all that stuff. I love the truffles in teacups idea. Now, if only I could FIND my teacups; they're still packed away, out in the storae building Hubby built in May. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your Friday and weekend and that your heart's desire happens. Hugs, Gail

  3. Love the pixs, looks like a great time in the big city.  Praying for #1 son.

  4. I'm going to look for that Gooseberry magazine. I love Holiday magazines, lol, even though I always end up doing the same old thing, I love looking at ideas, and gift wraps and such.I spent the day with the tv turned on to TCM as I listened to/watched the Rosalind Russell movies.  I turned off Mrs. Pollifax though, I found it too dull!  And I used to love the Mrs. Pollifax books though I've not read them in years.Have a terrific weekend!  I've got plenty of resting work to do.  Lists and lists and lists to make.  Love making lists!

  5. I just bought that one, too! I love it and am looking forward to starting on Christmas decoration-making tomorrow.

  6. @PennyAnnPoundwise - I saw that magazine yesterday at Borders.