Thursday, October 21, 2010

~~It's Thursday~~

 ~~It Is Thursday!~~

Outside My Window~   Sunny.  It is sunny but cool.  The last few days we've barely made 60 degrees.  It sure does feel like fall.  And where does the time go?  It is almost November!  

oct 2010 011

The trees in my yard continue to change color.  They are gorgeous!

oct 2010 010

A Few Plans for the Upcoming Week~  Company is coming!  We're planning an apple picking, fall color adventure, maybe Saturday.  We're going to go see the broadway production of Wicked as a double date.  We managed to find some pretty good seats.  I'd like to wander Central Park and go see Chelsea Market in the city one day.
O ctober '09 015
 From The Learning Room~   Lots of big words with many vowels.  Addition and subtraction and spelling list 4 already.  I think I made need to taylor those spelling lists a bit more.  We are trying to do double days and having almost two spelling lists a week. . . not working for me.

 I Am Wearing~  Khaki capri's, gray long sleeved shirt, socks, hair pulled back. 

 I Am Creating~  My painting project didn't turn out like I had planned.  My flowers are great and turned out nicely.  I am not so great at filling in the backgrounds.  I will not be giving away either painting.  I AM going to see if I can sand the paint off the board and start over.  

oct 2010 002

oct 2010 003

oct 2010 004

 I Am Praying~  Still praying very hard for #1 son.  We have not heard from CG recruiter yet.     Please join me in praying that my son's application will stand out and he will be selected!
Praying for wisdom.  Praying for the desires of my heart.

Around The House~  It's clean.  It's presentable.  A bit of this and a bit of that to do before my company arrives tomorrow night.  I need to dust, vacuum, change my bed sheets.  Take out clothes from the closet for the weekend.  And move some things to the basement for my manly man and I on our weekend campout.

From The Kitchen~  Either leftovers or sweet and sour chicken with brown rice.  Tomorrow I will need to finish putting together a soup for Saturday and making a batch of scalloped potatoes, and that cherry/cranberry pie for Sunday dinner.  We have Sunday off from the bachelors.  Someone else is giving them a ride on Sunday.  It's really thrown Mickey for confused loop.

 I Am Enjoying~  I am enjoying McMillan and Wife, season one. 

I bought myself a daily devotional this week.  I am excited to get into that.


I searched through rows and rows of books and this was one of the only devotional that used the King James Version Bible only.  The copy I purchased is not illustrated.

One Of My Favorite Things~  My family.  I am so thankful that God gave them to me and I am thankful that we are compatible and enjoy being together. 

fam pics 2010 047

 I Am Sharing~ I am sharing a couple blogs and a few verses this week.

Remaking things.  What a fascinating idea.

Psalms 105:3  "Glory ye in his holy name: let the heart of them rejoice that seek the Lord."

Psalms 108:3  "The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy."


~Have a great weekend Friends!!~~



  1. I think your flowers look really good - maybe you are being too hard on yourself?after Katrina, when the CG was doing all those helicopter rescues,  I thought that if I was a young man that the CG would sure appeal to me.  hope it works out!

  2. You have a great day dear. That pie sounds delicious!

  3. Love the Thurs. posts but then I say that every week.    I do think the trees look gorgeous.  I am partial to fall and all the beautiful colors He provides.  Will definitely continue praying for #1 son.  Enjoy time with your company.

  4. flowers looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Meant to tell you earlier this week I liked your Sunday church outfit.  You look so pretty in it.Agree with others, I thought your boards were pretty.  I especially like the one of the left...Hope you didn't scrap them!