Tuesday, October 5, 2010

~~Menu Monday~~


I had this post all ready to go last night.  Wanted to add a couple pictures to it. . . it disappeared and my computer crashed at the same time.  Oh well.  Two posts today.

  • Laundry done.
  • House okay looking.
  • Manly man is off for the week.  Got an ambitious Toyota project in the garage.  He says he'll have it running by the time his week off is over.  We'll see
  • I am better this week.  It was nice to be alone with my family and not have pressures of life.  The only thing that would have made time away better, to eat my own cooking.  Bad restaurant food is yukky.
  • My body is feeling better and think I can credit it to switching around my morning routine.  It's weird.  Eating right away in the morning makes me feel better all day.  This week I am going to add vitamins and try to take them with my breakfast, faithfully.
  • No piano lesson this week.
  • Light school this week.  A few papers and reading books we got at the library yesterday.  Piano practice, practice, practice!
  • Good food from the kitchen all week long.
  • Breakfast burritos with chorizo, egg and potato for breakfast.  It was good.

~~Menu Monday~~

Monday~ Grilled maple salmon, rice a roni, big green salad

Tuesday~ Shrimp and penne pasta with lemon sauce, green salad, rosemary bread (?)

Wednesday~ Hawaiian chicken, long grain and wild rice, pear salad

Thursday~ Clam chowder, whole wheat rolls, dinner salads

Friday~ Jack cheese chicken enchiladas, rice and refried beans

Saturday~ hot dogs, macaroni and cheese

Sunday~  Smoked turkey dinner and apple pie with the bachelors



  1. I hate when that happens, I lose posts all the time. I need to do some menu planning today. Shew too much to do and so little time. Hope you have a great day!