Monday, October 11, 2010

Quick Monday Post


We enjoyed a family holiday today.  Thank You Christopher Columbus!

No Menu today.  I'll post one tomorrow.  Back to the school routine in the morning.

We ventured out to take our family pictures this afternoon.  Enjoy a preview of some of the oopps photos!  (Click on the photo to view a larger version.)

fam pics 2010 024

fam pics 2010 030

fam pics 2010 032

fam pics 2010 039

fam pics 2010 040

fam pics 2010 047

fam pics 2010 048

fam pics 2010 051

(we LOVE this picture of Banjo's big smile!)

fam pics 2010 060

(Hubba-Hubba!  )

fam pics 2010 067

fam pics 2010 070

fam pics 2010 072

fam pics 2010 074

fam pics 2010 075

fam pics 2010 085

fam pics 2010 089

fam pics 2010 091

fam pics 2010 099

(Hubba-Hubba!  )

fam pics 2010 104

fam pics 2010 110

fam pics 2010 111

fam pics 2010 114

fam pics 2010 117

fam pics 2010 118

See you tomorrow!




  1. What a beautiful family you have. I think your "oops" photos are great. You have two very handsome boys. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  2. Hey the oops pix are great.  You have a beautiful family.

  3. Oh my beautiful sister!  And my handsome brother-in-law!  And my dashing nephews!  And Banjo too!  I love you all.  These are wonderful pictures, can't wait to see the "keepers'.

  4. Wonderful family pics!!!! :))) You all look great!

  5. I liked the pics too. Good job.  Little man is growing too fast for me, Grammie kisses for him ok.  I love you all very much, still working on saving for a trip to visit, but it is extremely hard.  Pray.

  6. wonderful pics! Did you take them yourself or have someone take them?

  7. @floridayankees - We take them.  We have a tripod and a timer on the camera.  So much cheaper this way!

  8. Dear Beth,Thank you so much for stopping by and subscribing, that was a blessing and an encouragement to me!  Your family photo's look so wonderful with some great background scenery as well.  Your oldest son and husband could pass for twins...just a few years apart :)  I am guessing by your side bar that you like to cook :)  I love to cook as well, my recipes are listed in my tags section.  Have a blessed day!