Monday, November 15, 2010

~~Menu Monday~~


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~~Menu Monday~~

Monday~  Spaghetti, Rosemary Bread, Green Salad, apple crisp and ice cream

Tuesday~  Grilled Maple Salmon, Rice a Roni, garlic green beans

Wednesday~ Chicken and Shrimp Pancit, egg rolls, wontons 

Thursday~  Baked Potatoes with big green salad

Friday~  Meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, fruit and cottage cheese, peas and corn, chocolate brownies

Saturday~  Bisquicks Easy Cheeseburger Pie with broccoli

Sunday~  Split Pea with Ham Soup, cornbread, Spice Cake with maple sugar drizzle

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  1. Everything sounds great.  I am intriqued with the spice cake with maple sugar drizzle.

  2. @floridayankees - No. . . and they are more like dumplings I guess.  Really good for salty cravings served with soy sauce to dip it in.

  3. @oldfatgramma - Powdered sugar, pure maple syrup from Vermont, maybe a 1/2 t. vanilla to make a drizzle for the cake.  Nothing fancy.  They did have maple sugar at a lot of the gift stores when we were in Vermont.  Maybe I'll get some of that instead of syrup next time I go up there