Monday, November 8, 2010

~Menu Monday~


oct 2010 083

(Signing the enlistment papers.  Swearing in?  will happen in a few weeks.  Looking at basic training after Jan. 17 2011)

Monday~  Sweet and sour meatballs with rice, garlic broccoli

Tuesday~  sour cream mennonite chicken, orzo pasta, pear salad

Wednesday~  baked potatoes with green salad

Thursday~  Bisquick cheeseburger casserole, fruit, cottage cheese

Friday~  Corn dogs and tator tots

Saturday~  Meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, garlic green beans, Apple Crisp

Sunday~  Soupa Tuscana with homemade bagette bread, green salad, Spice cake with maple drizzle

oct 2010 084

(Saturday morning cuddle watching a 'kissing movie' from Turner Classic Movie channel.)

oct 2010 085

(Coming in to cuddle and read Saturday night before bedtime.)



  1. couch cuddle time is great! Also reading/cuddle time too!

  2. Congrats the the Coast Guard Family! I know you are EXCITED!!! Love the pic of your guys and Banjo. <3Oh yeah......did you draw your header????

  3. I'd love the recipe for the mennonite chicken! The photos are great; I think your boy going off to the Coast Guard is a big deal! The little guy with your hubby and dog is such a cute photo; cuddle time is awesome. { ;

  4. Please post the Mennonite chicken recipe.  Love the pictures, especially signing the enlistment papers.  Woohoo!

  5. @victoriantomboy - Yes the header drawn by yours truly. . . betheelou!

  6. @betheelou - gal, you did GOOD! Look like an artist from Gooseberry did it! Your TALENTED!!