Sunday, June 14, 2009

Family Saturday


We had a very nice day yesterday.  We loaded up our van and took a drive in the New Jersey countryside.  It was a bit stormy yesterday but not uncomfortable.  I am posting some pictures!

june blog 054  This is a pretty little lake we drove around.

june blog 056           Complete with a pretty chapel.

june blog 057          And my sweet posing boy.  This is his "smiling" face.

june blog 059   These fishermen were pulling up to the dock by the chapel.

june blog 067  A beautiful front porch on a cute home.

june blog 068   This little building houses the rest rooms for some fancy mansion that sits behind this building and on the hill.

june blog 069  A beautiful stream but kinda brown with mud from all the rain we've had lately.

june blog 077   Looking at pretty houses across another lake.  This lake had beautiful lily pads with white flowers in full bloom on each pad.  I wanted to pluck a flower but they were all just beyond my reach.

june blog 080  Mr. Frog using his God given camouflage!

june blog 084  The spillway over the lily pad lake.

june blog 085   At the bottom of the spillway were several types of fish that had gone overboard with the heavy rains, stuck in shallow puddles.  My manly men felt sorry for the fish and caught several.  Another helpful stranger brought down a bucket and they were catching the fish with their hands and stuffing them into the bucket.  The helpful stranger with the bucket left before we found out if he returned the fish to the lake or took them home in his bucket???

june blog 075   This last picture was where we got a good laugh for the day.  We are driving down a dirt road to get down to look at the Delaware river. (( just beyond the treeline, on the left side of this picture.))  Daddy had just commented that all the farmers' field corn we'd seen that day was doing very well and looked good and healthy.   #2 son looks over at this field and says "Wow, that sure is a BIG garden!" 





  1. Pretty scenary!  I never knew New Jersey had such pretty countryside. 

  2. Great pictures.  Love the scenery.  I never new NJ had such a pretty countryside either.      Linda

  3. Great pictures! It looks like beautiful countryside. I just love green! It's getting pretty brown around here.

  4. That chapel looks like a place I would have loved to have gotten married in. Beautiful!

  5. @thecopswife - That is what I said to my husband when I saw it!