Friday, June 5, 2009

Flashback Friday


Posting my Friday flashback pictures for today.  One of these pictures is my husband, one is my youngest son.  Can you tell who is who?





((Hello again to my friends gathering information on me from the Republic of Korea.  Over 200 hits yesterday and by 9:00 am my time today over 65 hits already!!  What's going on?  Hello Korea ))



  1. Wow, amazing.  My guess is the bottom is hubby?  And it is definitely just a guess! 

  2. Not again today!  What in the world?  Are you a famous person that I didn't know about .  Wow!!!! What a resemblance--the bottom is your hubby!  It's amazing--he is his Daddy's boy!

  3. Sweet boy you have there!  And your husband was pretty cute too!  : )It could be that "Korea" is a search engine.  Those are robots that automatically log words in your site to help with searches.  I'm not exactly sure why but they aren't stalkers or weirdos researching your family.  Maybe you'll need to Xanga-lock your blog for awhile?

  4. @onehappymomma - It doesn't say it is searching for anything just coming up Republic of Korea and keeps looking at pages in my blog , not in any order.  I was thinking of xanga locking.  That seems to be the only remedy unless they stop.  It's a bit un-nerving!

  5. hubby is on bottom! He still has those cheeks when he grins!! LOLSorry I havent posted much. Thinking about you all the time!