Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Long Drive!


We're back from our trip to New Hampshire.  We did a lot of country driving.  We tried to avoid the major roads in favor of the back roads.  We see more that way but it does make for a long trip!  We stayed the first night in a nice hotel in Keene, New Hampshire.

june blog 125

Kent Falls, Connecticut

june blog 126


june blog 130

Kent Falls, Connecticut....can you see my cute posing model in the picture?

june blog 133

Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut

june blog 134

Hogback Mountain, Vermont

 june blog 146

The second night we stayed in Catskill, New York.

Catskill Mountains, New York

june blog 152

june blog 150

Catskill Mountains, New York

june blog 154

my souvenirs...awesome smoked cheese and pure Vermont maple syrup

june blog 160

We're pretty tired of driving.  Today is just a rest day.  I've got some laundry going.  #2 son is doing school.  My manly man is off through next week.  He goes back to work on the Fourth of July.  Next week, we're not sure what we are planning to do.  #1 son takes his drivers licence exam July 2nd.  We are petsitting that weekend as well.  Maybe we'll try to go camping?

The next two days we will busy as #1 son and I help out at church during youth conference.



  1. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts!!! My ...what gorgeous scenery!!!! I have always wanted to see one of those covered bridges in person!!!

  2. Scenery is gorgeous.  I love Vermont in the summer.  I love covered bridges.  (yes, I can see your little model) Get some rest and enjoy the sunshine.   Linda

  3. Beautiful pics! I love covered bridges as well. There's one close to where we live. It's awesome. The fishin' is supposed to be real good there. Haven't tried it yet though. We mainly enjoy the scenery. The cheese and syrup look wonderful! YUM!  Praying youth conference goes well! (((warm hugs)))

  4. I miss all the beautiful green scenary and covered bridges.  It looks like you guys had a great time.  The pictures are beautiful!!!!    Exploring is lots of fun .  I hope your youth conference goes well.  You'll have to post some pics. Enjoy the time off with your hubby!!!

  5. Those pics are breathtaking It is amazing all the beautiful places our country has to see! Lovely views to bask in! Sounds like you had fun..But got pretty tired through the adventure! ... Thanks BTW For dropping by my page while I was gone...LOVE YA GIRL! XOXOX ~ Leslie