Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's Wednesday!


blog XII 060

You ever had one of those meals where you think about it long after you've left the table? 

blog XII 061

 We had one of those meals on Monday for dinner. 

blog XII 062  

We had 'steak' burritos with black beans and rice. 

blog XII 063

 It was so good tasting, we had it again last night.

blog XII 064

We all left the table wondering when we'd have it again.

blog XII 065

Maybe for lunch today?


  1. May I visit for lunch?   I love black beans and rice and steak burritos!

  2. Mmm...yummy!  Is that a cherry limeaid??? 

  3. @LaurieLH - I'd love to entertain at lunchtime!

  4. Looks delicious, ever had fry bread tacos?

  5. @Autumnlove413 - No I've never had those.  We were craving Martha's, remember the trailer in Kodiak?  She had great Mexican food!